Once upon a time, Brother Anancy and his good friend, Brother Lion were hungry and were in the mood for something tasty to eat. They decided that they wanted to have some chicken at Island Grill. Brother Anancy had just bought a sporty new car and offered to drive. But there was only one problem. Brother Anancy did not know how to get to Island Grill by car. Luckily, Brother Anancy’s new car came equipped with a Jamaican GPS Navigation system. He was certain the GPS could get him to the restaurant.

After he and Bredda Lion settled in the vehicle, he turned on the GPS. The voice of the GPS blared through the speakers with a husky male voice. Where di two a unu going? the GPS asked. Bredda Anancy replied, Mister GPS, mi an mi fren want to get to Island Grill to get something to eat. But we don’t know how to get there from here. Can yuh give us di directions , please? No problem man! Is easy drive dat. Put the car in gear and head down the road until yuh get to Bredda Jancrow food stall,” the GPS instructed.