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Participants of last year’s WAC SOTL project continue to have the results of their research accepted for either publication in their fields’ journals or for presentation at conference. We consider this to be very important testament of our program’s success as it demonstrates UCF faculty’s deep engagement with WAC. In our last update, we told you about education faculty presenting their WAC SOTL research at two national conference. Today, we are very pleased to announce that associate professor of history Dr. Daniel Murphree’s article “Flipping the University Classroom: A Three Year Analysis of Methods and Impacts” has been accepted for publication in the journal Teaching History. Dr. Murphree co-authored the article with history MA student Kevin Mercer, and the piece will appear in the Spring 2018 issue of the journal. The article reports the results of a study of the impact of writing assignments in a general educational history course on student learning. Dr. Murphree has collaborated with the WAC Program since 2011. With the program’s assistance, Dr. Murphree has integrated writing into his courses.  In 2014, he was awarded the Schell Award for Innovative Writing Instruction in the Disciplines–the top WAC award at UCF. We thank Dr. Murphree for his continued collaborations with us and congratulate him on this success.