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Our very successful collaboration with UCF’s Department of Chemistry dates back to 2011, the year when the WAC Program was founded. During these years, we have conducted several joint curriculum design and research projects, published and presented at conferences results of our work, and designed and implemented a GTA writing instruction training program for instructors teaching laboratory sections of the general inorganic chemistry course CHM2046. This year, we are pleased to ¬†expand our work with the chemistry GTAs to include the organic lab course. Throughout the year, WAC coordinator Steffen Guenzel will conduct training sessions for the GTAs teaching both courses, helping them get better at assigning, responding to, and assessing their students’ writing. Our future plans with the Department of Chemistry include further expanding WAC into upper division courses in chemistry as well as expanding our work to other related disciplines, such as biology and physics. We’d like to acknowledge the invaluable support and commitment we have received from the Chair of Chemistry Department Dr. Cherie Yestrebsky, other chemistry faculty, as well as our own Department of Writing And Rhetoric and The College of Arts and Humanities.