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For the past four years, every summer, the WAC Program delivered science writing instruction to students participating in the NSF-funded research experience for undergraduates program. At UCF, the REU site is hosted by the NanoScience Technology Center. One requirement of the program is that students who participate in it write a journal article based on their research. After the end of the program, the students continue to work with their laboratory mentors to finish and submit the article to a scientific journal, getting co-author credit.

The REU program’s┬áprogram’s principal investigator Dr. Andre Gesquiere and WAC Director Dr. Pavel Zemliansky, who served as a senior consultant on the grant and had contributed to the writing of the application, met weekly with the students to teach them about the process of writing a scientific article.

On the last day of the program, the students presented their research to a group of faculty and graduate students from the NanoScience Technology Center.