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The WAC Program invites applications and nominations for the Schell Award for Innovative Writing Instruction in the Disciplines.

General Description

The Schell Award for Innovative Writing Instruction in the Disciplines is given annually to one faculty member who has demonstrated commitment to and success in improving student learning through theoretically and pedagogically sound discipline-specific writing instruction in his or her courses.

The winner will receive $500 in travel funds to present at an academic conference in their own discipline on a WAC-related topic, and a commemorative plaque.

Candidates for the award can be self-nominated, nominated by a colleague or a department chair, or by the UCF WAC Program.


Award recipients must:

  • Be full-time faculty members at UCF
  • Have successfully completed the WAC Fellows Program at least one year prior to applying or being nominated for the award
  • Have demonstrated successful implementation of innovative and effective writing instruction in their discipline after completion of the WAC Fellows Program
  • Not have received the Award in any of the previous 5 years

Application/Nomination Materials

Candidates for the award will submit the following materials:

  • A cover letter outlining their philosophy of teaching writing in their discipline. The letter is not to exceed two pages.
  • No more than two examples of innovative and effective writing assignments, which they have successfully used in their courses since the completion of the WAC Fellows Program.
  • Evidence of effective writing instruction. Such evidence may include the following
    • Results of formal and informal surveys of students’ writing performance,
    • Other evidence of students’ growth as writers,
    • External recognition of the quality of student writing such as student publications.
    • Faculty publications or conference papers on WAC
    • Other
  • A brief description of plans to continue effective and innovative instruction in the disciplines.


To be eligible for consideration for the 2019 award, candidates must send their materials, electronically, to WAC Interim Director Dan Martin at [email protected] by March 15, 2019. The 2019 award will be presented during the Spring 2019 WAC Fellows Showcase event on April 10 at 3:00pm in the WAC Space in TCH Room 109.