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Today, we announce a new university-wide WAC initiative. In collaboration with UCF’s College of Graduate Studies, this academic year, we will offer a series of connected WAC-themed workshops designed specifically for graduate teaching assistants and other graduate students from across the disciplines interested in the learning and teaching of academic writing. The workshops will be offered as part of the Graduate College’s long-standing Pathways to Success series. This is the first time WAC has been included in the series. The workshops will graduate teaching assistants and other graduate students to become more familiar with the basics of writing theory and pedagogy. Workshops on the following topics are planned for this academic year:

  • Helping Students Write Like Members of Their Academic Field
  • Providing Effective Feedback to Student Writing
  • Teaching Students to Work with Sources: The BEAM Approach
  • Using Writing-to-Learn Assignments to Increase Student Learning
  • Teaching Drafting, Revising, and Editing

In you are interested in attending one or more of these workshops, please see the full schedule and workshop descriptions here.