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This semester, the WAC Program has started a series of "open house style" sessions during which former WAC Fellows get together to informally discuss various issues related to their efforts to teach writing in their disciplines. The first in a series of these sessions took place today, January 13. 14 faculty members from 10 departments representing 5 UCF colleges participated. Of those 14 teachers, 13 participated face-to-face while 1 joined the group via web conference. Here are some of the topics discussed:

  1. managing the paper/assignment load
  2. training graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants
  3. scaffolding of wriitng assignments
  4. formal and informal assessment and feedback
  5. effective ways of teaching peer review, especially in large classes

The nest session is planned for noon on February 11, in 106 Colbourn Hall. All former WAC Fellows are invited, regardless of whether they attended the first session. Please contact WAC Director Pavel Zemliansky at [email protected] with questions.