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Theatre Minor


Most programs in the UCF School of Performing Arts require an audition or interview.

The Theatre Minor provides a foundation in theatre as a complement to any field of study. The program combines a broad overview of theatrical practice and literature with production experience.

Students take at least one participation course in backstage production to provide a hands-on experience in a professional theatre environment. Electives can be fulfilled with additional participation courses in backstage production, box office/front of house or by being cast in a production. Theatre Minors are not required to audition for Theatre UCF productions.

The Theatre Minor is open to all students interested in theatre study, but who are not majoring in one of the theatre degree tracks. A Theatre Minor can be declared through the myUCF Student Portal.


The core courses that must be taken to complete the Theatre Minor include Theatre Survey, Intro to Tech Theatre, Theatre Participation Production, Acting for Non-Majors, From Greece to Grease. Students will also take 6 credit hours of electives. For possible electives, visit the Courses for Non-Majors page.