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Music Degree Auditions FAQ

Your actual audition time will be given to you on the morning of auditions when you check in at the desk in the Rehearsal Hall.

Yes, you will need to contact the admissions coordinator at [email protected].

Yes, you will need to submit an Intent to Audition form and select Digital Audition/Alternate Date.

It is a two-step process. First, you must apply online to UCF admissions. No auditions will be heard if you have not applied to the university. You will be assigned a seven-digit personal identification number (UCFID) after you apply. Your UCFID, which you will retrieve from your myUCF account is proof that you applied and will be required on the Intent to Audition form. Second, submit an Intent to Audition form. This form must be received by the Music Department in order to reserve a spot for you on audition day. Finally, after you submit an Intent to Audition form, you will receive an email response along with a Teacher Evaluation form for you to have filled out and bring with you on audition day.

The audition is private in a professor’s studio. Parents/friends may wait outside in hallway.

An email will be automatically sent confirming receipt of your Intent to Audition form.

Once you have completed your audition, you are free to leave unless you wish to stay for an optional informational interview about the Bachelor of Music Education degree.

If it is absolutely necessary to arrive late, contact the audition coordinator at [email protected] at least a week prior to audition day, so he can make note of it on the audition schedule.

It is preferred that you bring your own instrument with the exception of piano and percussion students. Contact [email protected] to make arrangements for an instrument to use. NOTE: There are no harps available.

Yes, we have practice rooms available before and during the auditions. There will be current UCF music students available to help you find a practice room or your audition room.

Yes, we do have amplifiers to use, but you may bring your own if you want.

No, you will receive an audition times on a first-come/first-served basis on audition day.

If you have a conflict, contact [email protected]. Your request will be taken into consideration but not guaranteed.

If you have extenuating circumstances, contact audition coordinator [email protected].

Your request will be taken into consideration, but not guaranteed.

Currently we do not have a Jazz Studies education track. You will need to speak with undergraduate advisor Kirk Gay to discuss your options.

You will need to complete the Intent to Audition form twice, indicate on the form “classical” or “jazz” on each one.

You will need to complete the Intent to Audition form twice, one for each instrument.

Being accepted as a B.A. means that the professors did not think you were at performance level yet. The B.A. and B.M. Performance curriculum is identical for the first two years. During the first two years you can ask the professors to review your performance ability and recommend you for the B.M. Performance track.

It is possible but you will need to meet with the undergraduate advisor Kirk Gay.

You would need to meet with the undergraduate advisors of both music and your other major.

No. You will not be informed of the results of your audition until all three scholarship audition days have been completed. Your result letters will be emailed to you by March 10.

You will need to contact the professor of that instrument directly to inquire as to what they will accept.

The closest parking would be next to the Performing Arts Center - Music building on the campus map. You may park for free in lots H3, H4 and D1.

No, scholarship auditions are for scholarship consideration only. Once all the auditions have been heard each instrument area will request scholarships for the top students. Only students that have an “admit” or “matriculation” status with UCF Admissions will be eligible to receive a scholarship contract.

You will receive an email by March 10 on your acceptance or non-acceptance into the music program. Any scholarship offers, will be included in the same acceptance email.

Scholarships awards can be anywhere from $250 per semester to $2,500 per semester, not including summer. There are no full-ride scholarships.

Yes, if you are a non-resident student and have been admitted to UCF, a few tuition waivers are available. They usually are no more than $5,000 per semester, not including summer.

Scholarship awards are based on playing ability and the studio’s need for the instrument/vocalist.

On-site auditions are always on Saturdays. The audition day begins in the UCF Rehearsal Hall with registration, coffee, and pastries from 8 a.m. to 8:50 a.m Once you check in at the desk in the Rehearsal Hall a program will be given to you with your audition time and room numbers. From 8:30 to 8:55 a.m. in the Rehearsal Hall auditorium, UCF students will play prelude music. Then at 9:00 in the Rehearsal Hall auditorium, there will be a general meeting for both parents and students where you will meet the professors and the School of Performing Arts Director Michael Wainstein. Students are dismissed from orientation at 9:30 to warm-up. Actual auditions begin at 9:45 a.m. in the PAC-Music building. The parents will stay in the Rehearsal Hall auditorium to ask questions of representatives from UCF Student Financial Services and UCF Admissions. After 10 a.m., parents will wait for their students to audition in the Music building.

No. Any UCF student may declare a music minor by meeting with Lauren Becker, [email protected], 407-823-2758. Music minors do not receive applied music lessons. Check catalog for music minor requirements.

No. The four spring audition dates are for applying to become music majors only. Visit the ensemble pages to learn about auditioning for ensembles.

Generally, the audition time is limited to ten minutes. The exception to this is piano and percussion auditions, which allow twenty minutes. Music education students may sign up for an optional music education informational interview, which lasts around 20 minutes.

You need to be accepted by both UCF Admissions and the Music Department. You may appeal your denial to UCF Admissions by writing a letter stating why you feel you should be admitted to the university. Send this letter to Admissions and Standards Committee, c/o Undergraduate Admissions, 4000 Central Florida Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32816-0111.

UCF Admissions phone is 407-823-3000. You may also contact music advisor Kirk Gay.

Yes. If you have a scheduled audition date and UCF Admissions informs us before your scheduled audition date that you have been denied entry into the university, you may receive an email from the audition coordinator that your audition has been cancelled for this reason.