May 18, 2015

Students at UCF and its Russian partner in the Connecting Classrooms project published a booklet this year called Language and Culture through Russian and American Eyes.

The booklet showcases personal visions of heroes from UCF students in the Intermediate Russian class and Russian students from Lyceum #7 and School #1 in Novocherkassk, as well as alumni of the Connecting Classrooms project from previous years.

The students decided that heroism is not limited by gender or by country, nor restricted by race, occupation, age, height, or weight. They concluded that anyone could be a hero, whether the person is a mythological figure or an ordinary citizen. Adopting this broad perspective of heroism made it clear for the participants that heroes need not have a title, a degree, or a large amount of money. The only requirement they envisioned is a willingness to selflessly serve others.

Alla Kourova started the Connecting Classrooms project in 2011. The project brings UCF students together with students in Russia. Kourova uses web conferencing tools to connect her classroom with classrooms in Russia so that students in both countries have opportunities to practice their language learning and to share their different customs and experiences. Every year, students from both schools have a special project to work on together.