March 9, 2015

This past November, M.C. Santana was granted the opportunity to present the keynote address at the Media Youth and Values conference at the Holy Cross College in Tiruchirappalli, India.
During her presentation, Creating the Whole Individual, Dr. M.C. Santana discussed the importance of allowing young people to lead and create content that speaks to them, while simultaneously understanding the great implications of a message seen and heard by millions at a time. Dr. M.C. Santana also addressed the topic of gender and its significance in international relations inquiry, as well as in international policy tools.
The three main topics covered at the Media Youth and Values conference were media coverage of issues and their influences on young people, young people’s promise of responsibilities, and the ethics of creating mass media messages.
Dr. M.C. Santana is the Program Director and an Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at UCF and holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication/International Communication.
You can peruse the India Center at UCF’s blog post to read more about Dr. M.C. Santana’s experience at the conference.