February 18, 2022
Janiece Deveaux in Theatre UCF's "Fabulation"

“‘Fabulation, or the Re-Education of Undine’ is onstage in a very funny production from Theatre UCF on the University of Central Florida campus. As seen at the final dress rehearsal, director Roberta Emerson’s cast lets playwright Lynn Nottage’s humor come through.”

“As Undine, Janiece Deveaux reacts well to her character’s increasingly unexpected circumstances, particularly during a religious shakedown for absolution. Except for Deveaux, the actors play multiple roles, and Jordan Perez does especially sharp work in creating distinct characterizations for two of the men in Undine’s life. Lynford Martin Parries delivers with flair and intensity a monologue about Brer Rabbit, but really about so much more.”

“More and more, people crave authenticity — in experiences, in conversation, in themselves. Theatre UCF’s production entertainingly shows why that’s important.”

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