September 24, 2022
A reporter creates a social-media storm in "The Interference," onstage at Theatre UCF. Pictured, left to right: Forrest Stringfellow, Alexandra Borsellino, Zachary Racine, Rosalind Krabill, Aubree Ann Williams, Jonathan Gardon, Dominique Marshal and Arthur Johnson.

Theatre UCF premiered their first show of the season, The Interference, on Thursday.

The Interference follows the story of Karen, as she deals with the aftermath of a sexual assault.

The production uses audio and visual effects to portray the feelings of the show’s protagonist. “With its videos, vocal effects, overlapping speech and blinking text, the show sometimes goes into sensory overload. And if an audience member feels that way about all the visual and aural noise, imagine how protagonist Karen — and the far too many real-life versions of her — must feel,” says Matt Palm of the Orlando Sentinel. “Casey Deiter’s sound adds to the cacophony of Karen’s life, and Rob Siler’s lighting appropriately varies between nightmare-scape and harsh reality.”

“Lynda Radley’s stylized play doesn’t show us Karen’s fight for her truth; it makes us feel it.”

“The Interference” isn’t a play easy to contemplate and sometimes not easy to watch,” Palm comments. “But it’s clear Radley wanted it that way, and Theatre UCF delivers for her.”

The Interference will be at UCF’s Black Box Theatre until October 2.

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