May 17, 2016

Scarleteen was founded in 1998 to provide teenagers and young adults with valuable sex education information. The website prides itself on being an extremely diverse and inclusive online community which welcomes everyone regardless of sexuality, identity, ethnicity, or religion.

Scarleteen houses thousands of pages of information regarding nearly every aspect of sexual information including material about gender, sex, sexuality, pregnancy and parenting information, abuse and assault, and everything in-between. Scarleteen also offers community message boards which allows users and staff to ask and answer questions, as well as to discuss relevant topics in further detail. This website even offers a crisis hotline where users can access real-time individuals for answers to questions and immediate dialogue. Scarleteen is so useful because it provides in-depth, real life information regarding sex, sexually transmitted diseases/infections, and contraception options that young people may not learn about in sex education class. They provide information young people may want and need to know but are too afraid to ask in another forum.
We love Scarleteen because they are REAL and provide information about topics without censorship or fear.