January 8, 2020

Henry “Cody” Miller ’11 (BA English – Literature Track) was awarded the Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2016. During his seven years as a high school English teacher and in his current role, he positions texts as vehicles to discuss broader socio-political issues in students’ lives and worlds. He leads professional development focused on creating affirming classrooms for LBGTQ youth and supporting teachers in publishing blogs and articles. Cody currently acts as the chair of the National Council of Teachers of English LGBTQ advisory board.

“I’m not surprised at Cody’s success in the classroom,” says Dr. Kathleen Hohenleitner, Associate Lecturer in the Department of English. “He was always a generous collaborator in group work, and each group he was in helped the other students in it produce their best analyses. His commitment to social justice was apparent in his literary interpretations and in his research even at the undergraduate level.”

“I would consider myself fortunate if my own kids had teachers who were trained by Cody.”

Learn more about Miller and Teaching Tolerance at tolerance.org/author/henry-cody-miller.