5.1, January 1976

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.

Jim Hall, The Silver Light Poem
Jim Hall, I Need It Bad
John Edward Sorrell, Two Halves of Night
Peter Meinke, Pingpong
Peter Meinke, Elephant Tusks
Willie Reader, The Day of the Dead Cow
Van K. Brock, The Land of the Old Fields
Van K. Brock, Sassafras
David Browne, pocket change
Ilse Juergensen, Listening
Brandon Kershner, Off Layhill Road
Diane D. Norton, Moon Swimmers
Camille C. Symons, The Public Mistake

Fabian Worsham, revival (for my grandmother)
Stephen Corey, Wild Strawberries
Bill P. Leach, La Cantina
Mary Hood, Three
Toni Clewell, Graffiti: For Rossana
Elizabeth Carlton, The Surgeon
Jean Summers Voigt, Sestina for the Cropduster
Boyd Lairsey, the deacon

Mari-Lynn Alschuler, Untitled
Chris Varley, Revelation on a Spring Morning
Chris Varley, The Chair
Brian Palenik, The Unfinished Nightmare
Lynberl Moore, Word to Quiet the Season
Joel Hunnicutt, June

Carol Barlow, The Town
Carol Barlow, Stars
Ted Goodwin, Ode to an Abandoned 1935 Duesenberg
Jacqueline Davis, Sound of Echoes
Luu Thanh, How People Get Out Vietnam
Beatriz Malo, A Web of Dew
Penny Munton, The Star of the Show
J. C. Dickinson, A Pond at Dawn
Dawn J. Johnson, The Living Reefs Never Sleep

Tamar Perla, When I am alone
Rae Gregg, The Sun Rises Like A Gift
Rae Gregg, A Man as His Life is Passing
Rae Gregg, A Bird is Flying Softly
Susan Harp, Today I Broke Up
Julie Ann Farmer, Jellifish
Lesley Paige Myers, Lovely Dreams
Kristin Clark, Rose Petals Gleam
Garth James Visovatti, Giant Skyscrapers
Autumn Tallman, Mommy’s Feet
Sudhir Rajan, Daffodils
David William Hartman, Frog
Sandi Becker, Snowflakes
Kathy Ballog, Until Dawn Rises
Jill DeFonso, My Life Has No Title