47.2, Spring, 2024

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Cara Lynn Albert / Sweetbread

Garrett Biggs / Indulgences

David Ryan / Sleepwalker

Kathryn Campo Bowen / OWLS

Patrick Burns / The Mare

Susan Perabo / Pool Season

Alan Sincic / Roger Babson


Sandra Meek / Psalm Down, v.

Ben Kline / Antidote

M. Cynthia Cheung / Aubade with Chicxulub Crater and Extinction

Karen Skofield / A Mother’s Wish Spoons of Travel

Ross White / News of the World

Derek Otsuji / Globe

Carrie George / Content Warning: The Void

Maggie Yang / For My Last Visit to China

Alejandro Lucero / When I search “Sapello” / Elegy with Snake Twisting my Blistered Tongue

Randi Sanders / Loving You

Bruce Bond / Lunette 10 Lunette 11

Helena Mesa / Here is Born from There

Noah Rabinovitch / On Loss

Bill Hollands / Walk of Shame

Morgan Hamill / The Bird

Michael Waters / Bruise Old Dog

Farah Peterson / Chop Chop

Patrick Carr / Monument Rough Morning

Aza Pace / Listening In

Oliver Egger / Fortieth Annual Report of the Trustees of the Massachusetts School for the Feeble-Minded at South Boston For the Year Ending September 30, 1887

Angie Macri / On the Road through Prairies Named According to Their Widths

L.S. Klatt / Printable Weapon

Gardner Dorton / A Love Poem Symbiotic

Lauren Marie Schmidt / At the Bedside of a Man You Don’t Know, Dying

Avery Robinson / Elegy: Alafaya Square


Diane Gottlieb / Suspended in Flight

Jason Brown / A Chest of Drawers