40.2, Fall 2016

Pulse Special Tribute Section

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.

Editor’s Note: Departures and Arrivals (Lisa Roney)

Ashley Inguanta, Vanish (nonfiction)
Edgar Gomez, Dancing in the Dark (nonfiction)
Sabrina Napolitano, Where Do All the Dead Names Go? (nonfiction)
Sara Elizabeth Grossman, Drew Ex Machina (nonfiction)
Nicole Oquendo, binding we (poetry)

Anne Panning, The Woman with Blue Eyeglasses
Andrew Furman, To the Lighthouse

Gary Dop, The Young Champion Larry Holmes vs. the Un-Retired Ali
Crystal Bacon, Ed’s Fence
Mark Cox, Focus
Mark Cox, Knossos
Joanne Dominique Dwyer, Seven Valleys
Tania Rochelle, Between the Teenager’s Cycle and the Baby Flip-Flops
Amy Woschek Schmidt, My Father Has a Stroke
Rich Levy, My Mother’s Feet
Julie Marie Wade, Katabasis
Paul Martin, Hitching
Cynthia Hogue, memory holds a trace that at times rises into words
Michael Hettich, The Light of Ancient Stars
Alex Greenberg, Dusting
Karen Whalley, Bella Rosa
Lisa Zimmerman, Perhaps the Truth Depends
Mary Di Lucia, Mary the Bad
Mary Di Lucia, Blame My Strange Heart
Cameron Barnett, Non-Binding Legislation, or a Resolution
Allison Campbell, Animals

Fikret Pajalic, Names of Wildflowers
Laura Jok, Luxembourg
Maria Kuznetsova, The Greatest Pogrom on Earth
Melissa Ostrom, The Intentionality of Lightning

Ed Bourelle and Andy Bourelle, My Mermaid
Jay Duret, Comfort

Susan Bucci Mockler, Honest Engine by Kyle Dargan
Cecelia Rodriguez Milanes, We Carry Our Homes With Us: A Cuban American Memoir by Marisella Veiga and La Americana: A Memoir by Melanie Bowden Simon

Beth Filson, Red-Tailed Hawk
Beth Filson, Caretta Caretta Upon Whom This World Rests