39.1 & 2, Fall 2015

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Editor’s Note: Goodbye to All This: Or, Literary Journals in the Age of Budget Cuts (Jocelyn Bartkevicius)


Allie Rowbottom, Ghosts and Houses
Thomas Gibbs, Bésame Mucho
Stacy Parker Le Melle , Tonight We Are the Americans

Mary Obropta, The Albino Dolphin
Mary Obropta, Burnt
Mary Obropta, Resonance
Angela Belcaster, Laying Low So the Gods Won’t Notice
Angela Belcaster, Calving in the Ice Storm
Benjamin Busch, Sound Wave
Michael Collins, Nightmare of Intercourse with Lightning
Emma Hine, Big Game

Scott Winokur, Bristol, Boy
Mary Hutchings Reed, When Walls Weep
Lones Seiber, Death in the Aegean

Lydia Copeland Gwyn, Little Moon (fiction)
Lydia Copeland Gwyn, Black Is the Color (fiction)

Wendy Rawlings, A Singular Apparatus
Jennifer Sinor, Taking Myself to the Sun
Raymond J. Barry, I Had a Way About Me Then
B. J. Hollars, Exposed
Joanne Jacobson, In the Year of Masking Tape

Stephen Dunn, FORGIVENESS: A Colloquy
Tony Hoagland, Fatality
Tony Hoagland, Wild Life
Adrian Blevins, Appalachians Run Amuck
Adrian Blevins, Poem with Attitude Wearing Red Flannel
Jody A Zorgdrager, March News
Jane Seitel, Fountain of the Wild Goat
Spencer Wise, Zoya
Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer, Where to Live to Avoid a Natural Disaster
Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer, Tilia cordata (Algos)
Jay Kidd, The Dusk Effect
Carol Quinn, Order Out of Chaos
Eric Berlin, After Roy Rogers
Ann Clark, Your Hair
Eva Foster, Happiness
Jeff Worley, The Value of Literature
Jeff Worley, Turning 65
Gianna Russo, So Many Hitchhikers on This Street
Benjamin Busch, What You Want
Mark Halliday, Tiny in Rome
Mark Halliday, First Wife
Maceo J. Whitaker, Solipsism
Mark Kraushaar, Imperial Gardens
Lauren Hilger, Character Map of the First Twenty Pages of Pedro Páramo
Christine Poreba, Through Elements
Christine Poreba, House of Sleep
Brenda Butka, Waffle House

Emily Choate, Thunder Sometimes, Bells Never
Catherine Knepper, Party Girls
Carol O’Dell, Saving Pelicans
Kelly Fordon, A Shift in the Weather
George Choundas, Lost on Someday
Jamie Amos, A Good Dog Buries Its Bone

Art Alone Matters: A Conversation with Raymond J. Barry

J. Bradley and Adam Scott Maza, The Astrology of Literary Fiction

Sean Ironman, Train Shots by Vanessa Blakeslee
Shawn McKee, Bleader: A Memoir by Shelby Smoak
Dario Sulzman, Can’t and Won’t by Lydia Davis
Gail Folkins, The Days Are Gods by Liz Stephens
Søren G. Palmer, What the Zhang Boys Know by Clifford Garstang
Madison Bernath, The Jack Bank by Glen Retief
Abby Minor, Murder Ballad by Jane Springer
Beth Ann Miller, The Heaven of Animals by David James Poissant

Raymond J. Barry, Untitled
Raymond J. Barry, Untitled