33.1, Spring 2008

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Billy Collins, The First Night
Billy Collins, Composition
Stacy Leatherman, Near the Cemetery
Stacy Leatherman, Jetsam
Stacy Leatherman, Veal Calf
Stacy Leatherman, from “Compass”
Matthew Frank, Autoerotic Asphyxiation
Matthew Frank, Two Weddings
Shannon Finck, Cortex and Stars
Sandra Beasley, The Story
Paul Carroll, Rhapsody from a Couch
Daniel Tobin, The Wheel
Daniel Tobin, Unseasonable
Daniel Tobin, Palette
Cindy St. John, Self-Portrait as Tuesday
Cindy St. John, Self-Portrait as Cindy Sherman
Jason Olsen, Family Tree
Kara Candito, Meditation in Golden Gate Park
Kara Candito, Last Happiness
Kara Candito, Floristic Elegy for the Year I Lived with You in Coconut Grove
Olivia Clare, Ditch Digger’s Wife
Stacy Gnall, The Insecticide in Him
Stacy Gnall, Ars Perspectiva

John Jodzio, Gravity
Patrica Foster, Night Driving
David Wortman, It’s Just a Joke
Paul Austin, The Current Moved Us
Seth Fried, How to Kiss a Laughing Woman
Anna Germanacos, Men on Crosses
Victoria Patterson, The Rise and Fall of Fuzzy Fizziwig
Miriam Parker, Pardon My Doll
Anne E. Raustol, The Bees, Their Rising

Heather Kirn, A Guide to Alternative Medicine
Lisa K. Buchanan, Tips for the Busy Conversationalist
Gretchen Heyer, Coffee with the CIA
Erin Elizabeth Smith, A Stillness We Can’t Keep

A Conversation with Pablo Medina

Jeffrey Brown, To Phoenix
Rachel Luria and Beverly Luria, Natural Disasters

J. T. Torres, Sister by Nickole Brown

Joshua Goldstein, Floorboards