32.2, Fall 2007

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Editor’s Note: The Florida Review Is Thirty-Something: A Meditation on Fact, Fact Checking, and Tradition (Jocelyn Bartkevicius)


Grace Danborn, I Catch a Colander at a Menses Celebration
Grace Danborn, The Social Worker Books a Flight Home
Grace Danborn Learning Borealis
Grace Danborn, What is Normal
Grace Danborn, Breakup

Joseph Levens, Critical Cartography

Kate Myers Hanson, There’s A Child Living in This House

Alice Friman, Europa
Alice Friman, The Block
Leslie St. John, Be Fearless
Leslie St. John, Woman Entering Café
Leslie St. John, The Fall
Maggie Smith, The List of Dangers
Maggie Smith, The Dying Boy to His Anonymous Wish Granters
John Hoppenthaler, Somewhere Over
Shabnam Piryaei, Alejandra
Shabnam Piryaei, to enunciate the fertility of a pause
Shabnam Piryaei, disarmed
Lynn Aarti Chandhok, Letter to Sargakhet, Kumaon Hills
Lynn Aarti Chandhok, Non Sequiturs
Kathryn Nuernberger, Real as the Panda
Lesley Jenike, Ghost of Fashion
Keith Montesano, Duet Near The End
Nickole Brown, Footling
Suzanne Heyd, Self Portrait with Felt-Tip Marker
Nick Courtright, The Smallest Room
CJ Evans, Ode to Silkworms
Donna J. Long, The Known World

Urban Waite, Drown
Shawn Vestal, Nobody Was Anywhere
Patrick Crerand, Erie Beach
R. E. Bowse, Syzygy (or The Wife Swap)
Sean Campanella, First Trailer
Susan Cook-Abdallah, Rome in Black and White
Bayard Godsave, Predictable Trajectories
John Jodzio, Gravity
Lisa Crizer, Andy (or Just a Few of the Things that Could Have Happened Instead)

Federico Garcia Lorca, Fable and Round of the Three Friends, trans. by Pablo Medina and Mark Statman
Federico Garcia Lorca, Double Poem of Eden Lake, trans. by Pablo Medina and Mark Statman

A Conversation with Elizabeth Stuckey-French

John R. Barberet, Last Love Poems of Paul Eluard, trans. and intro. by Marilyn Kallet

Patricia Izzo, Swollen, drawing (Front)