31.1, Spring 2006

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Alex Lemon, Rivets
Alex Lemon, Botrytis Cinerea
Alex Lemon, Praxis
Alex Lemon, Renitent
Alex Lemon, The Way It Is
Timothy Green, A Letter to Someone I Barely Remember
Kathleen Rooney, Those Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy
Kathleen Rooney, Jean-Jacques Hauer in 1973
Melissa Morphew, Annus Mirabilis
Melissa Morphew, And is the Northern Wind, Fierce
Melissa Morphew, Waking
Gary Fincke, The Last Minute
Gary Fincke, The Next Large Thing
Sarah Kennedy, Lady of the Dead
Sarah Kennedy, Rain Shadow Effect
Sarah Kennedy, September 2003
Robert Gibb, There Were Flowers Also in Hell
Mar Montás, Fresh
Gaylord Brewer, The Flaw
Gaylord Brewer, Three Ghosts in Évora
Paulann Petersen, The Origin of Darkness
Lynn Domina, When the Lion Shall Eat Straw
Lynn Domina, Guest
Linda Aldrich, Foothold
Linda Aldrich, Water
George Looney, This Innocent Arrangement
George Looney, A Tarantella of White & Wind
Elinor Benedict, Blue Food
Amanda Auchter, Under the Dark
Amanda Auchter, Dragonfly on Blue Agave
Mary Jo Firth Gillett, Because of the Rose There is Music
Mary Jo Firth Gillett, When The Moonless Night Cracks Like Leaded Glass

Michelle Valois, The Myth of the Mangos
Joshua Harmon, The Vinyl Community

Dana Cann, Clockwise
Roy Kesey, The Joke
Shannon Cain, Watch
Fred Redekop, A United Nations
Phong Nguyen, Made in Taiwan
Laura Lee Smith, Rollback Rising

Jeff Chapman
Ira Marcks

Mark Pursell, Other Electricities by Ander Monson

Ruby C. Williams

Elena Ahrens