30.2, Fall 2005

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Jennifer Chapis, The Break
Jennifer Chapis, Feeding the Aberdeen
Jennifer Chapis, The Beekeeper’s Departure
Jennifer Chapis, Venice Beach Hostel

Jane Satterfield, Knowhere, UK

Josh Rolnick, Innkeeping

Jim Daniels, Imperfectly
Jim Daniels, Rock
Jim Daniels, Lost and Found
Ryan G. Van Cleave, Quiet Tercets: Mensa Bob in Mime School
Ryan G. Van Cleave, Waiting
Virgil Suárez, Alba for Donatila
Lisa Ryan Musgrave, navigation
Lisa Ryan Musgrave, corrupt
Lisa Ryan Musgrave, against another word for shape
Cynthia Atkins, Family Therapy (I)
Cynthia Atkins, Family Therapy (II)
Cynthia Atkins, Voices
Rebecca Givens, Aerial
Rebecca Givens, Bequest
Rebecca Givens, Cradle
Kathryn Kirkpatrick, These Things No Longer Suffice
Ron Mohring, Thievery
Jeanne Larsen, These Gardens of Harmony Willed
Jeanne Larsen, The Garden of the Future
Sally Rosen Kindred, Invective from the Poet’s Daughter
Sally Rosen Kindred, To Noah
Matthew Frank, Overcast
Daneen Wardrop, The giant trees along the Rhein
Daneen Wardrop, Colonel McDillian’s bell pull is
Daneen Wardrop, I never saw a surprised
Ralph Tejeda Wilson, Marriage
Ralph Tejeda Wilson, Ides of March

Shara Sinor, Inca of the Maya

Rachel Moran, Tamponade
Susan Land, The Somewhat Point
Cary Holladay, Spectacles
William Jablonsky, Tandoori Chicken and Chinese Lanterns

Adam York Gregory, Childish Things
Adam York Gregory, The Corporate Machine
Adam York Gregory, Derek’s Legacy
Adam York Gregory, Penguins and Advertising
Tom Chalkley, 4 untitled comics
Jonathan Baylis and D. Beyer, Jr., So… Only Nixon Could’ve Gone to China

Jason Cisarano, untitled, photo