30.1, Spring 2005

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.

David Huddle, Double Crown
David Huddle, Seer
David Huddle, Last Poem
Kelly Madigan Erlandson, Instead of Telling
Lisa Lewis, Burned House with Swimming Pool
Lisa Lewis, Counting Change
Lisa Lewis, Pilgrimage Ghazal
David Citino, Girl Found Alive Ten Days After Crash
David Citino, The Religious History of Donuts
Brendan Galvin, Sergeant Crocker Newton and the Crows
Wendy Mnookin, The Weatherman on TV Wishes Happy Birthday to Lucy Miller in Abilene, Texas
Curt Rode, Catch and Release
Curt Rode, Yield
Terry Blackhawk, Signaling Bridge
Terry Blackhawk, “Terry’s Rock”
Terry Blackhawk, Maundy Thursday
Lola Haskins, Beautiful
Lola Haskins, La Bougainvillea
Lola Haskins, Xalapa
Maureen Passmore, Unsettled
Terri Witek, Painted Slippers
Ron Mohring, Say Cabbage
Ron Mohring, Keys
Rebecca Hoogs, Charms Against Omens
Rebecca Hoogs, Rus in Urbe
Kelle Groom, Second Language
Kelle Groom, Handed They Went
Kelle Groom, 42

Siobhan Adcock, The End of February
Rita Welty Bourke, The Extern
Mark Lewandowski, The Silent Fall
Jesse Upton, The Village Blacksmith’s God
Judith Lavinksy, The Motherless Boy

Amy Kolen, Canyon Interface
Ron McFarland, My Life with Rattlers

Elena Ahrens, Underwater City by Kelle Groom
Nathan Holic, Portisville by Steve Cushman