3.1, January 1974

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.


Robby Steward, The Heavy Boats
Kelley O’Rourke, Blindness
Liz Brown, A Pond

Bob Bradshaw, The Fisherman
Richard Bliss, Wandering Curios
Karen Yesenskiy, Late Afternoon
Linda Noah, Mass
Linda Noah, The Pecan Tree
Linda Noah, Passing
Lina Noah, Suicide Lady
Charles Mohi, A Lake in Kyushu
Sudye Hunt, Silhouette
J. Taylor, Persimmon Hammock
Tim Smiley, Betrayl
Pete Reynolds, Dying Mouse
Carolyn Dorton, Right Foot
Jane Visceglia, Migraine
Annette Melnicove, Akas Ludasy
Elizabeth S. Hamel, Misercordia. . .
Melissa Echols, Revelation
Michael Crites, Gifts
Shirley Stubbings, The Fertility God
Shirley Stubbings, The Waterline
Paulette Brunson, A Pendulum of Dreams
Paulette Brunson, Footprint in the Agar

C. J. Collins, Deliver the Mailman