29.1, January 2004

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Gregg Rosenblum, Cyn
John Salter, Gray Horse to Kansas
Jason Parsley, Maybe We Should Talk about Carson
Linda Woolford, Bluff Above the River
Anne H. Germanacos, Grace
Chris Evans, Colic
Viet Dinh, Class of ’80
Frank Swanson, The Joker Wants His Pants Back

Patricia Foster, What Planet Are You From?
Stephen Minot, The Birds of Matinicus Rock

Colette Inez, After I Ride Through the Country of Periwinkles in Shadowy Graveyards
David Roderick, Cordwood
David Roderick, Bulldozer
Mary Jo Firth Gillett, Higgins Lake, Michigan, 9-11
Mary Jo Firth Gillett, Dad’s Cornea Transplant
Raymond Barfield, Doll in a Porcelain Cave
Susanna Childress, Patience
Chanda Feldman, Avenues to Attraction
Chanda Feldman, Thanksgiving Primer
Kimberly Burwick, Delli Fumi Delle Citta
Kimberly Burwick, Della Gratia Della Mebra
Ander Monson, Permission
Ander Monson, Canning
Ander Monson, You Take A Beating in Dreams
David Roderick, The Tracker

Jason Cisarano, Recovering Ruth:  A Biographer’s Tale by Robert Root