28.1, January 2003

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.

John McNally, The Price of Pain
Benjamin Percy, The Whale
Peter Moore Smith, The Spider-Man Variations
Anne Panning, Five Reasons I Miss the Laundromat
Christopher Helmuth, The Bluest Blue Blue

Ace Boggess, Things To Do Today
Ace Boggess, Tell Me How to Cure Myself of Silence
Jeffery Galbraith, Phrases from a Water-Stained Index Card
Leslie Ullman, Classics in the 21st Century
Leslie Ullman, Via Negativa
Ed Skoog, Palm Olive
Kelly McGuinness, The Violet Harvest
Alicia Beale, After the Fireworks Have Gone Out
Richard Wollman, Catch & Release
Ann Fisher-Wirth, Nocturne
Kevin Dobbs, Gargoyle on the Japanese Veranda
Kevin Dobbs, The Zoo at Odawara Castle
James Doyle, The Blue Dress
Joel B. Peckham, Jr., The Man on the Motorcycle
Joel B. Peckham, Jr., Saying Goodbye
Emily Rosko, In the Land of Sleeping People
Barry Ballard, Fence Lines
Tim Applegate, The Framing Crew
Scott Withiam, On Hearing That You Married a Farmer
Walt McDonald, Wishing for Easter All Year Long
Rachel Contreni Flynn, The Peril of Gooseberries
Alexandra Socarides, In Eleven Years I Dream of You Twice
Alexandra Socarides, Tonight I Iron the Shirt
Alexandra Socarides, Letter to My Brother, from the Fourth Floor Bathtub

Paula W. Peterson, Disclosure
Mark Krewatch, One-Cent Jay
Christopher Buckley, Flight

Jessica Miller, Monster Fashion by Jarret Keene
Kevin Meehan, When There Is No Shore by Vivian Shipley

Kimberly L. Crowder, Body Spiral