20.1, August 1994

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.

Maria Caruso, Advice to a Woman Traveling Alone
Sylvia Reed Weiffenbach, Harold Abbreviated
Lou Fisher, Any Old Time
Haywood Moxley, Jumping the Moon
Bear Kirkpatrick, At the Other End of the World
Robyn Oughton, Hawk

Tom Hansen, X at Sea
Tessitore, Sister
Michael Magee, In the Tide Pool
Elizabeth Edwards, Lindo Man
David Citino, Real Man Delivers an Anti-Pastorale To the Columbus Chamber of Commerce
Kirsten Smith, This Dangerous Music
Jeff Hardin, As A Man Must Do
Irene Willis, The Butcher’s Wife
Irene Willis, Two Apples
Kathleen Sheldon, A Different Life
Kathleen Sheldon, One Thing
David James Smith, Sparrow

Tom George, All Things Touched by Wind by John Daniel, The Waterman’s Children by John Bensko
Terry Thaxton, Collecting the Light by Markham Johnson