18.1, Spring/Summer 1992

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Carol Goodman, Blood
Cliff Hudder, The Entrepreneur
Becky Moonitz, Florida
Debbie Lee Wesselmann, Good As New
Mary Sue Weston, Moth on a Windowpane
Lou Fisher, Now Playing

Ruth Anderson Barnett, The Breakdown
Ruth Anderson Barnett, Abiding Flower
Douglas Gray, Mother’s Ghost Saves Doomed Skydiver
Hunt Hawkins, Wallet
Carl Lindner, On Finding a Quarter In My Garden
Terry Ann Thaxton, Wallpaper
J. Kates, To Lucy
J. Kates, Rest
Jean Esteve, First Grandchild
Mary McDaniel, Family Crossing
Walter McDonald, Boys With Chihuahua Dogs
Lyn Lifshin, Staying in the Apartment
Lola Haskins, Home School, Idaho

Kathryn Lee Seidel, Ordered by Words: Language and Narration in the Novels of William Faulkner by Judith Lockyear
Tom George, Perdido by Chase Twichell
Gail Regier, The Other Heart by Jeff Worley