16.2 & 3, January 1989

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.

Jane Ruiter, High Street
Daniel Pearlman, Megabride
Dan Leone, Chicken Skin
Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, Painting at Night
Ron Tanner, Homecoming
Daisy Taylor, Visiting the Things He Knew
Stephen Dixon, Talking Bear
Ann Packer, Kylie at Home
Glenn Blake, Hazard
Tom Hazuka, Tar Beach
Paul J. Murphy, The Last Breath
James English, My Dotted Line Relationship
Dan Lyons, Four Hundred A Week
Ed Malles, Heartwood

Silvia Curbelo, When It Rains Every Road Washes Clean
Silvia Curbelo, Natural Causes
Silvia Curbelo, Hit and Run
Dionisio D. Martinez, The Children of Suicides
Dionisio D. Martinez, Doing What You Can with What You Have
J. Kates, Riddle
J. Kates, Motif
J. Kates, Imagining the Worst
Randall H. Watson, A Gift Without Landscapes
Susan Grimm, The Body Becomes a Kingdom
Susan Grimm, Torch Dance with Drums
Susan Grimm, At the Movies
MaryAnn Franta, Watching the Carpenter
Betsy Lerner, Breaking Points
Betsy Lerner, Lithium for Medea
Martha Rhodes, Fall Visit
Martha Rhodes, In the Sick Room
Martha Rhodes, Like Today
Martha Rhodes, Her Future
Betty Bernard, Elegy
Sandra M. Castillo, Foreigners
Jim Zola, The Singing Bone
Jim Zola, Letting Go
Karen Volkman, Arms
Steven Sherrill, It Was Always Cold
Nancy Krygowski, My Story (or Spring)
Edward C. Lynskey, How Peter Lorre Could Have Saved My Life
Edward C. Lynskey, Southern Cross
Aedan Alexander Hanley, Mrs. Miller
Suzanne Rhodenbaugh, Keeping the Faith
Ree Young, What Counts
Walter McDonald, The Pee Wee Coach
Thomas Alan Holmes, Strength
William Miller, Third Shift
Elton Glaser, Mardi Gras Indians
Lea Olsan, Pecan
Randy Phillis, Oklahoma