15.1, January 1987

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.

Richard Grayson, I Survived Caracas Traffic
Stephen-Paul Martin, High Fidelity
Michael Martone, Lice
Fred G. Leebron, The Last Family Daddy
Rebecca Stowe, One Big Happy Family
Roberto G. Fernandez, Raining Backwards
Greg Boyd, Brown Paper Bag
Dev Hathaway, Donna Peoples, Elaine Rasmussen, & Theo Bole
Tina Marie Conway, The Orange Blossom Canopy
Herbet S. Guggenheim, Husband
William Webb, Buttons

Don Stap, Crooked Lake, 1978
Husam Nolan, Everglades Night Crossing
Peter Desy, Her Shoes
Richard LaManna, Recovery
Richard LaManna, A Sober Moment
Orlando Menes, Cat’s Cradle Without a String
Ruth Yeselson, Medea
Ruth Yeselson, Araryllis (II)
Stuart Friebert, What to Do With Love
Stuart Friebert, On Getting More Than You Give or The Opposite
Alan Catlin, Black and White Punk Rockette on the Schenectady to Albany Bus 1984
Pat James, McChestney’s
Scott H. Mulrane, Epilogue
Donald Morrill, Back to Normal
Johanna Jordan, Onion Story
Ruth Moon Kempher, Get-away
Dorothy Moseley Sutton, We Shall Rest… And Faith We Shall Need It
Peter Brett, Ice Chunks (Gold Run, California)
Barbara Parker Wood, The Spring That I Wanted to Die
Mary Ann Meade, Snow Angel
Joseph McNair, The Moon