14.1, January 1986

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.

Donald K. Mangum, Homemaker
Christy Sheffield Sanford, Shirley, Skipping
James Sallis, Allowing the Lion
Steven Jervis, An Academic Footnote
Susan Bernofsky, Twelve Things about My Father
Tom Whalen, Professors
Richard Krawiec, Taking Advantage
Enid Shomer, Taking Names
Walter Cummins, Clogged
Gary Fincke, The Man Who Played for the Skyliners
Nancy Churnin Demac, Rachel
Lisbeth Kent, Summer Heat

William Stafford, Hurricane
William Stafford, Pelican Flight
Bonni Goldberg, How’s the City Treating You
Bonni Goldberg, As a Patient at the Clinic
Bonni Goldberg, Letter from a Friend
Ramona Weeks, Working Piggybank
Blanche Farley, Requirements for Anyone Attending a Van Gogh Exhibition
John Bensko, Virginia Beach
Janice Townley Moore, Anne Frank Dreams at Bergen-Belsen
Harrison Wickless, Decoy
David Winwood, Sow
Norma Maness, Dance Forsythia
Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Déjeuner sur l´eau
Janet S. Meury, A Return
William Greenway, Sea Change
James Brock, One Size Fits Most
Jean Esteve, Our Hero
Melanie Blackshear-Peter, Postcard from Before the Freeze
Melanie Blackshear-Peter, I’m saying goodbye
Sheila E. Murphy , Haibun 236