13.1, January 1985

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.

Ben Barry, The Death of You
R. T. Smith, Alton
Paul J. Murphy, King For a Day
Gayle Stone, Jeanette
Steve Barthelme, Zach
D. J. Sheskin, Volkswagen’s Law
Mark Spencer, Samson
James Hannah, Sleet
William Hart, Touch Somebody
Mary Osborne, Mass Transit
Walter Cummins, Baggage
Robert Whitaker, Self-Portrait in Charcoal on the Eve of Judgement Day

Tom McDaniel, Dinner is Served
Tom McDaniel, Feel All Poets
Tom McDaniel, Family Night
Estelle Leontief, Summer Losses
Karl Elder, A Man in Pieces
David Kirby, Catholic Boys
Rosina Collelo, Devil In Your Haybarn
Steven W. Huss, The Arrangement
Claudia Jannone, Radio Dreams
R. S. Grove, The Undertow
Ken Doerr, Waking Up And Not Knowing Where I Am
Christy Sheffield Sanford, Her Dowry
Robert Bowie, Muscle
Ed Orr, Museum without Walls
Daryl Chinn, Look Both Ways
Joanne Childers, Robert
Nancy Simpson, For the Set Man
Paul Lake, Over Checkers
Daniel Bosch, A Baker Wakes
Barbra Nightingale, Addict
Gary Simpson, The Calling
Ruth Moon Kempher, How the Neighborhood Changes
Jessie T. Ellison, A Curious Abandonment
William E. Taylor, All Saints’ Day
Jane Marmaduke, Hands
Billy Collins, Bar Time