11.1, August 1981

SOLD OUT. If you are researching one of these writers, please let us know via email and we will do our best to provide a copy of the piece for you for personal use only in line with copyright law.


Sam Harrison, The Arrowhead

University Student
Julie Ann Weiler, Pieces Missing

High School Student
Susan Waterman, The Mall At Night

Low School Students
Dawn Nobles, Shabaniga [first]
Susie Mercer, Untitled [second]

Non-Student Finalists
Susan Mickelberry, The Coversation
Mark A. McCaskill, Untitled
Micheal Wilson, Sparrow Poem
Lynn Butler, Soliloquy Of The Spanish Woman
Elsie Rogers Blanton, Youth At All Stages
Ron Sapp, Grandfather’s Fire
Bobbi C. Smith, Choice

University Student Finalists
Bill Metcalfe, Quasimodo’s 127th Dream
Kathleen Maynard, Leavings
Anthony C. Thompson, Pass Me Another Cigarette Please…
Kathleen Maynard, Prism
Linda Goddard, The Braid
Annette Melnicove, Untitled
Chris Key, Wednesday’s Flights
Krista Jones, The Colored Window

High School Finalists
Candi Campbell, The High Diver
Joanne Minako Creech, In The Medicine Cabinet Mirror
Mary M. Cubbege, Diner
Mary M. Cubbege, Sentiment
Diana Patton, Trash Collector
Tina M. Brown, Untitled
Diane Cahoon, On A Mountainside

Middle School Finalists
Paula Lynn Puryear, Concept of Self
Neil Raben, Neil
Dane Harris, The Demise of The Sea Witch
Ryan Butler, Andremegious
Allison Strohaker, Untitled

Low School Finalists
Tommy Kronz, The Earth
Ramelle Riley, Untitled
Michele Scalzi, A Poem For My Mommy
Brian Baldwin, when i was little
Laurie Peed, Unicorns