10.1, January 1981

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Carol Kanar, This is All I Own He Said Gesturing Towards The Sky

University Student
Anthony Thompson, Hotter Than

High School Student
Laeta Kalogridis, Tokyo Sukiyaki

Middle School Student
Rodney Cordero, No Numbers

Elementary School Students
Nya LeVine, The Tree of Life [first]
Hylah Birebaum, Zairweed [second]
Judy Liu, Feelings [third]

Non-Student Finalists
W.C. Morton, Spiritual Advancement Depends Upon Positive Habits
Carol Kanar, Another Dance With Maddye
Matt Zettler, Portrait of Eva
Pam Stone, 2:10 P.M. Wednesday
W.C. Morton, From the Lake
Carrow DeVries, Jake Potts Bought A Suit
Laura Gale Gunter, For a Ride He Came
Carol Kanar, Violated

University Student Finalists
Michael Barr, Black Lover
Anthony Thompson, “Cause Nobody Says a Damn Word For You”
Sarah K. Cally, Final Draw
Judith Pascoe, Walking the Beach in February
Judith Pascoe, In the School For Hearing Impaired
Barbara Hamby, Spontaneous Combustion
Jeff Johnson, Rimbaud’s Maiden Voyage
S. Cauthen Hunt, Afternoon Sun
Judith Pascoe, The Goat Woman

High School Finalists
Elaine Norman, Minimum Daily Risk
Elaine Norman, The Surface
Robert E. Farrel, Telth
Missy Wade, Ray Ban
Michelle Lamarche, Madness
Dana Rogers, I Become Black
Roxanne E. Gruber, Goin’ Down
Aprille Best, Sunset
Wendy Miller, Timetable

Middle School Finalists
Michelle Idoux, Sheets of Glass
Belinda Johnson, Little Girl
Kim Akselson, Now and Then
Becky Surrency, Wild Music
Rodney Cordero, Sunset
Heidi Starr, The Rose
Kevin Howard, Cerberus
Kelly Johnson, Water Looks
David Cook, “Why Me Lord?”

Elementary School Finalists
Manon Robitaille, Wind
Myka Staryk, Bannackburn
Stephanie Montesi, Untitled
Marc Betrand, Untitled
Brian Simpson, Comparisons
Marcus Ford, Battle Ground
Annette Graves, I Feel Like…