46.2, Fall 2022

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Editor’s Note

Carl Dennis, “Feelings” and “After the Funeral”
Nicky Beer, “Little Black Scratching Pen”
Claire Denson, “Self-Portrait As Binge Eating Disorder” and “The Kiss”
Cole Williams, “Sunset”
Madeleine Haze Curtis, “Self-Report” and “The Prophet/The Shadow”
Lee Ann Roripaugh, “To My Cancer, Excised by Da Vinci Robot: Kaze no Denwa”
Rick Bursky, “The Spiritual of the Desired Effect”
Julie E. Bloemeke, “Carnival”
Donald Platt, “Against Capitalism”
Jim Whiteside, “Bureaucracies” and “My Father Tells Me He Would Choose To Die”
Erik Kennedy, “Epic Simile”
Madelyn Garner, “Call and Response”
Mark Kraushaar, “Cinderella 11.6.21”
Teo Shannon, “Trajectory,” “Counterpetition to Divorce, Redacted,” and “Pecha Kucha: After Packing My Father’s Room”
Jan Beatty, “The Splitting Tools”
Emily Schulten, “The Ballad of Becoming Magic”
Brian Francis, “Ode to Debating The Greatest of All Time”
Dorothy Chan, “Straight Sex is Boring”
Jim Daniels, “The basketball pushed down”
CD Eskilson, “Accidental Selfie in the Photo of a Window Quote”
Alan Feldman, “Happiness”

Ellen Rhudy, “Dawn of the New Age”
Sherra Wong, “The Ask”
Michael Colbert, “Wessie”
Katherine Hester, “Clue”
Daniel Kennedy, “Volunteer”
Christopher Wilson, “The Stupid Invasion”
Mary Kate McGrath, “Gorgeous Vibrations”

Julie Marie Wade, “Story Problems”
Scarlett Peterson, “Nesting”