42.2, Fall 2018

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Editor’s Note: Heritage, Family, Respect: Who Controls the Narrative?

Juan Carlos Reyes, i ain’t writing you no immigration story
Brooke Champagne, Pipón

Steve Castro, arriving miracles
Chris Campanioni, mortadella on the street corner
M. Soledad Caballero, My English Decades
Sara Lupita Olivares, Circuit
Ariel Francisco, On the Eve of the Largest Hurricane Ever Recorded My Ex Tells Me She Hopes I Don’t Die and, I Mean, Whatever
Leslie Sainz, Sierra del Escambray
Valorie K. Ruiz, Las mujeres caídas
Naomi A. Shuyama Gomez, All This
Alana de Hinojosa, Sombras nada más
Maria Esquinca, We Made a Kingdom from Trash
Michael J. Pagán, where water now is
Lupita Eyde-Tucker, Alias
Trinity Tibe, Preferred Propaganda
Trinity Tibe, Familiar Stranger
Karl Michael Iglesias, Sighting

George Choundas, Note to Chinese Dad
Pedro Ponce, The Bull Car
Pedro Ponce, The Bear Car
Pedro Ponce, Eating the Inquisition
Paul Alfonso Soto, Toothless Piranhas
Cindy Pollack, What Burns
Pascha Sotolongo, Butterfire
Cassandra Martinez, Recuerdos
Julia María Schiavone Camacho, The Bittersweetness of Remembering Past Lives
Ivonne Lamazares, When We Were Young and Communist

Visual Art
Michael Betancourt, Multiplication of Landscapes

Mary Pauline Lowry, Texas Teeth
Christopher Citro, Root That Mountain

Linda Bamber, My Sister’s Grandson
David Tucker, Lost in My Own Garage
Lara Egger, In Our Garden of Eden
Victoria Kelly, Civilian
Victoria Kelly, The Group
Madelyn Garner, The Knowing
Matt Yurdana, Luck Has More Followers
Paul Freidinger, Passage
Holli Carrell, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife
K. M. Lighthouse, We’re Scoundrels, Not Monsters
Jane Varley, I Don’t Know If
Kevin Phan, [Our sky of sudden hail]

Julie Benesh, Optics
Jesse Goolsby, Begin with Serenity
Allison Field Bell, Mothers, Daughters
Christina Drill, The Most Anonymous State
Afsheen Farhadi, The Father, the Son
Virginia Watts, PIcnics

Brian Kearney, American Jumble 2

Trinity Tibe, Cubacado (mixed media)