42.1, Spring 2018

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Editor’s Note: Men on the Page


Renée Branum, Bolt

Allison Adair, City Life
Allison Adair, Hitching
Dana Roeser, Late July
Rebecca Morgan Frank, Gerbert of Aurillac and the Magic Eight Ball

Eliza Robertson, Louise McKinney Correctional Centre for Women
Mike Alberti, Two Floods
Lenore Hart, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Wolf

Leiby Prize Finalist
Bill Glose, The Desert Came Home

Kathryn Nuernberger, The Witch of Eye
Patricia Foster, Fingering the Scars

Mark Jarman, Andromeda
Mark Jarman, Bullet Points
J. Allyn Rosser, On the Off Chance You’re Reading This
J. Allyn Rosser, Why Not Friend
Kristin Robertson, To the Cops Who Searched My House
Lukas Ray Hall, i name him
Anum Sattar, In Defense of a Forced Marriage
Jessica Guzman Alderman, Walking Dream
Bruce Bond, from Dear Reader, 40
Bruce Bond, from Dear Reader, 41
Alyssa Jewell, On First Meeting My Sister
Robert Wrigley, Horses
Tony Hoagland, Theater PIece
Tony Hoagland, Feeling Generous
Tony Hoagland, The Bedtime Story James Baldwin Would Have Told His Niece and Nephew One Night in Baltimore While Babysitting if Had Had the Chance
Tony Hoagland, But How Can We Persuade Ourselves to Love Our Lives?
Melissa Crowe, Nom de Guerre
Cameron Alexander Lawrence, One Form of Dominance Becomes Another
David Moody, Decoy
John Sibley Williams, Hekla (Revised)
Kathleen Lee, Two Horses I Visit When I Walk on the Other Side of the Railroad Tracks
Casey Thayer, After Dark

Mar Colón-Margolies, How to Lose: International Edition
Dean Marshall Tuck, The Hidden Flute
Natalie Disney, Blind Field

Hannah Farley, Let’s Pretend

Dengke Chen, Tank Man (digital illustration)