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Winter Solstice

Disruptive storms gather from and to
Even at the bottoms of eternal sequoias;
Hungry-lunging waters, numb-thumbed, virtues
Strongly up-lifting,
Strong spiritual boosts
Upon a time. The discerning solstice empties
The full tank of Morning without fading beam
Of overcast mauve, when the sky brightens to
Its generous gift. —Halt! Ever more chatter reveals
The only solstice of the renewable milky way.


Ann Huang


Ann Huang is a seasoned marketer with more than seventeen years of experience working with the spoken and written word. She is an MFA recipient in Poetry from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and her poetry has appeared online and in print extensively. Her poem “Night Lullaby” was a Ruth Stone Poetry Prize finalist. Huang's book-length collection, Saffron Splash, was selected as a finalist in the CSU Poetry Center's Open Book Poetry Competition. Huang's new poetry collection, Delicious and Alien, was published in March 2017. Her poems follow the surrealistic gestures that weave reality into divergent realms of perspectives and perceptions.