The Other Side of Now



“It is easier to imagine the end of the world than – this” The opening line of the poem touches on words by Fredric Jameson that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.


The 16mm film evokes the everyday-ness of life in the abandoned public spaces of the present-day city, colonised by nature and wakening to new possibilities after the long period of pandemic. Erased by the ebb and flow of urban regeneration, these repurposed sites are resonant with the city’s histories, rewilded by visions from past and possible futures.

Poem spoken by Ruth Mitchell.


A Creative Associates project for the Sustainable Earth Institute, University of Plymouth.


Kayla Parker, Stuart Moore, and David Sergeant

Artists Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore’s collaborative films explore the interplay in landscape film-making between place and memory. Their ethical practice embraces environmental and ecological themes at the intersection of post-industrial landscape and climate emergency. Kayla and Stuart’s innovative short films are screened internationally.


The writer David Sergeant focuses on issues of the future and the Anthropocene. His poems discuss the human impact on the planet and consider what we can do to make a difference. David’s monograph, The Near Future in 21st Century Fiction: Climate, Retreat and Revolution, will be published in December 2022.