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Quadruple Stuffed Oreos is a student-produced sketch comedy group. Ever seen Saturday Night Live? QSO will be engaging festival attendees in the lobby throughout the day, with a full performance on Sunday evening.

QSO was founded by UCF students in 2013. Since their fresh-baked beginnings, they have strived to dunk themselves headfirst into the cookie jar of comedy. Their variety pack includes original sketches, improv games, and video shorts, all designed to show us the better, creamier, half of life.

Cast: Austin Davis, Stephan Rosario, Savannah Rucks, Logan Ayala, Anna Johnson, Jesse Ramos, Stelson Telfort, David Akridge, Kalin Tenedini, Faith Knapp, Ryan Koch, Max Kelly, Shannon Burke, Cameron LeVine, Harmony Bordinaro