Yeston and Stone’s Tony Award-winning musical examines the lives of passengers – first class, middle class and steerage – aboard the famed luxury liner.

Friday night’s performance is generously supported by LIFE at UCF
Saturday night’s performance is generously supported by Baker Barrios Architects, Inc.

Story and Book by Peter Stone | Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston

The UCF Symphony Orchestra and Theatre UCF bring an epic story to life. Yeston and Stone’s Tony Award-winning musical Titanic tells the stories of real passengers aboard the legendary doomed steamer—the workers in the boiler room, the first-class travelers and the poorest passengers who scraped together their life savings to purchase a ticket to America—with heartfelt lyrics and soaring melodies.

A pre-performance talk, led by UCF Faculty Member, Scott Warfield, will be held in the Tupperware Brands Hospitality Suite on Saturday, April 6 from 6-7 PM.

Listen to the Original Broadway Cast Recording.


A note from the Director

Titanic opens with a thrilling, full-throated anthem to the majesty of the Titanic. As they prepare to set sail, there is excitement, hope and awe from all walks of life boarding the ship from billionaires like John Jacob Astor, to poor immigrants looking for a new beginning. The “unsinkable” titan of a ship is the future, and embodies the pride and potential of a new world full of technical marvels and unlimited potential. The world is on the verge of a remarkable new age, and these 2,200 passengers have a front seat to that adventure. In this Titanic, we follow the journeys of passengers from first, second and third-class bound for America.

Like any tragedy, the hope and possibilities are ultimately stripped away, revealing the greed, hubris and unforgivable oversights that led to the death of so many 107 years ago. Investigations proved that “a laxity of regulation and hasty inspection” were reasons for the awful outcome.

The musical explores the inequities of class and the idea that, before our creator, we are all equal in the end. Only 174 third-class passengers survived out of over 700. The “Edwardian Summer of pride, dominance and power came to an end as the grand ship slipped below the waves.”

It has been a powerful journey for the cast of students to explore the myths and histories surrounding the real people who sailed on that fateful journey. It is with great reverence that we offer you their stories through the lens of Yeston and Stone’s majestic musical.

– Michael Wainstein, director


Creative Team

Michael Wainstein# Director
Steven Chicurel-Stein# Music Director
Chung Park# Orchestra Director/Conductor
Claire Fogle Stage Manager
Alaric Frinzi Choreographer
Bert Scott# Scenic/Lighting Designer
Vandy Wood# Scenic/Lighting Designer
Dan Jones# Costume Designer
Tim Brown# Projections Designer
Bruce Ellman Sound Designer
John Heil# Technical Director
Julia Listengarten# Theatre UCF Artistic Director
Claudia Lynch# Theatre UCF Coordinator, BFA in Stage Management
Gary Brown# Theatre UCF Production Manager
Bert Scott# Theatre UCF Director of Production


Josh Kimball Thomas Andrews
Earl D. Weaver# J. Bruce Ismay
Mark Brotherton# Captain E.J. Smith
Darren Cajipo First Officer Murdoch
Bobby Wojciechowski Second Office Lightoller
Sammy Pontello Third Officer Pitman/The Major/Fourth Man, U/S J. Bruce Ismay
Joshua Houvouras Fourth Officer Boxhall/Bandsman Taylor, U/S Thomas Andrews
Brian Wiegand J.H. Rogers
Andrew Sivco Quartermaster Hitchens/Bandsman Bricoux
Austin Branks Harold Bride, U/S Frederick Barrett
Ethan Rich Frederick Barrett
Jamonté Bruten Frederick Fleet, U/S First Officer Murdoch
Journey Velez Joseph Bell/Bandmaster Hartley, U/S Harold Bride
Luis Landa Henry Etches/Third Class Steward
Christopher Hancock Bellboy
Thomas Potter# Isidor Straus
Beverley Rinaldi# Ida Straus
Nicholas Stelter John J. Astor, U/S Edgar Beane
Esmeralda Nazario Madeleine Astor
Bjørn Stormyr Bachmann Benjamin Guggenheim/Third Man
Alexa Comeau Mme. Aubert
Jonathan Montes John B. Thayer/First Man
Carly Ventura Marion Thayer, U/S Charlotte Cardoza
Brighton McDaniel Jack Thayer
Zachary Mitchell George Widener/Frank Carlson/Second Man, U/S Henry Etches, U/S Third Class Steward
Janice Munk Eleanor Widener, U/S Kate Murphey
Christy Clark Charlotte Cardoza
Hayley Renée Scott Edith Corse Evans, U/S Kate Mullins, U/S Ida Straus
Sarah Hubert Alice Beane
Chris Creane Edgar Beane, U/S Captain E.J. Smith
Ryan Koch Charles Clark, U/S Third Officer Pitman, U/S The Major, U/S Fourth Man
Amy Livingston Caroline Neville, U/S Alice Beane
Jackson Morgan-Elliott Jim Farrell
Katie DeRosa Kate McGowan
Karissa Dumbacher Kate Mullins
Lauren Abel Kate Murphey
Ethan Walker Andrew Latimer/Italian Man, U/S Quartermaster Hitchens, U/S Bandsman Bricoux
Wallace Rahming Man #1, U/S Second Officer Lightoller
Michael Olaribigbe Man #2/Damico Dancer
Shahmad Muhammad Man #3/ Stoker, U/S Fourth Officer Boxhall, U/S Bandsman Taylor
Will Sippel Man #4, U/S Bellboy, U/S Isidor Straus
Sammy Swim Man #5, U/S Joseph Bell, U/S Bandmaster Hartley, U/S Damico Dancer
Maddie Walker Stewardess Robinson, Dance Captain, U/S Kate McGowan
Rachel Larchar Stewardess Hutchinson/Damico Dancer
Giulia Falabella Woman #1, U/S Damico Dancer
Amanda Ortiz Woman #2, U/S Kate Mullins
Aleisha Hild Woman #3
Ashton Whitney Woman #4
Athena Jean-Etienne Ensemble, U/S Caroline Neville
Kimberly Hagland Ensemble, U/S Eleanor Widener
Isabela Bordner Ensemble, U/S Madeleine Astor, U/S Mme. Aubert
Andrew Lofredo Ensemble, U/S J.H. Rogers, U/S  Charles Clark, U/S Bellboy
Macoy Stewart Ensemble, U/S Frederick Fleet
Hallie Chapman Offstage Understudy/Swing, Assistant Dance Captain
Payton Soehn Offstage Understudy/Swing

Production Team

Lauren Vick Assistant Stage Manager
Lauren Koval Assistant Stage Manager
Sophia Faust Production Assistant
Bradley Thornton Assistant Director
Hayley Renée Scott Assistant Music Director
Joshua Cutting Assistant Conductor
Sue Glerum# Accompanist
Cat Brenes Dramaturg
Maddie Walker Dance Captain
Hallie Chapman Assistant Dance Captain
Ethan Rich Fight Captain
Adam Raine# Projection Engineer
Lindsay Putnam# Theatre UCF Sound Supervisor
Kyra McNeil Assistant Sound Designer, Mixing Board Operator
Edd Gordon# Theatre UCF Master Electrician
Lisette Vega Production Electrician
Mike Layton# Theatre UCF Assistant Technical Director
Seth Donaldson Assistant Technical Director/Production Fly Operator
Joel Zishuk Assistant to Lighting Designer, Lighting Programmer
Bonnie Sprung Paint Charge
Andres Ugarte Production Carpenter
Jonathan Leppert Props Master
Kassandra Cardenas Props Master
Luke Salerno Production Props
Alexa Crudo Assistant Costume Designer
Dan Jones# Theatre UCF Costume Shop Manager
Robin Ankerich# Theatre UCF Costume Shop Workroom Supervisor/Draper
Rosibel Hernandez Assistant Draper
Alexander Estes First Hand
Sarah Cox First Hand
Madeline Regier# Stitcher
Raymond Velez Stitcher
Laura Staudt Lead Audio Technician
Greyson Phillips Production Audio Technician
Autumn Kreidler Production Audio Technician
Zoe Collins Wardrobe Supervisor
Samantha Whittington Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
Gabriella Montuoro Wardrobe Crew
Karly Celano Wardrobe Crew
Kayleigh Murphy Wardrobe Crew
Lilly Ann Vreeland Wardrobe Crew
Sean Andric Wardrobe Crew
Sophia Treto Stagehand
Angelia Vang Stagehand
Hayley Sanz Stagehand
Agustin Quijije Stagehand



Violin Contrabass
Emily Champagne^ Adam Fimbres*
Madeline Smith^ Edwin Rivera*
Krister Lawlor* Jelani Britt
Anna Ariani Luther Burke# ’18
Jarell Beausivoir Michael Feliciano
Radjeanny Bouzi Laura Knott
Jenna Chen Michael McCabe
Patrick Davanzo Flute
Benjamin Glick Christopher Ludwig*
Steven Hernandez Thomas Swanson*
Danielle Hogue Olivia Browdy
Jin Jones Oboe
Richard Klemm#† Kayla Wegner*
Sze Wah Lee† Kaili Gruwell
Annabelle Levin Stephanie Hargrave
Jacob McGuire Clarinet
Mike Pan Daniel Saban*
Devin Stanley Michelangelo Emmanuelli
Nishad Vaidya Cesar Lengua-Miranda
Christopher Wojahn†
Chenyi Zhang Bassoon
Dakyeum Kim†
Viola Sydney Smallwood
Michael Loyd* french Horn
Sharon Billman* Ignacio Poncio*
Jose Fiorentino Jana Jirgens
Pamela Leadbitter† Nick Burner
Anna Marks Caroline Ramos
Geralyn Moore Trumpet
Erik Murrell Matthew Pieper*
Seren Ozoglu Jordan Detz
Gabriela Ramos Eric Rohwedder
Aaron Wiggins† Trombone
Jacob Henderson*
Violoncello Zachary Noble
Aramis Ruiz-Ruiz* Bass Trombone
Jomar Cruz& Ryan Polk
Chavellee Almonte Tuba
Tabitha Becklund Colin Laird*
Jade Deatherage
Emily Elmore Percussion
Christopher Everett Steve Estes*
Melvin Guzman Ryan Boehme
Rasheed Kerster Theodore Jackson
Liz McAlister Jessie Otaiza
Carlos Moros Kyle Signer
Evan Robinet Sebastian Suarez-Solis
Dylan Rostin Keyboard
Jedidah Wong Joshua Cutting*
Robin Thompson III

All personnel are UCF students unless denoted.
*Principal or co-principal
&Assistant or associate principal
†Guest artist
#UCF faculty, staff or alumni

Produced on Broadway by Dodger Theatricals, Richard S. Pechter

and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Performance Schedule

  • Friday, April 5, 2019, 7:30  p.m.
  • Saturday, April 6, 2019, 7:30  p.m.
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