by Lynn Nottage
Directed by Roberta Emerson

A satirical yet cautionary tale of struggling to understand what it means to be a black woman amidst the constructs of society, and the trials of returning to family roots.

Undine Barnes Calles, a successful African American publicist, sees her fabulous life at the top of an agency in New York City begin to crumble before her very eyes as she faces a series of unfortunate events, from a money-embezzling husband to an unexpected pregnancy. Undine is suddenly standing on the edge of complete financial and social ruin, and is left with only one choice: return to her childhood home in Brooklyn after avoiding it for years. Plunged into a harsh new reality, Undine realizes her uphill climb is much slower than her downward spiral and must learn to survive and move forward. Pulitzer Prize-winner Lynn Nottage triumphantly celebrates social and racial identity through exploring the struggle of what Black “success” looks like in a predominately white society.

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Performance Schedule

  • Thursday, February 17, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Friday, February 18, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Saturday, February 19, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Sunday, February 20, 2022, 2:00  p.m.
  • Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Thursday, February 24, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Friday, February 25, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Saturday, February 26, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Sunday, February 27, 2022, 2:00  p.m.
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Roberta Emerson

Stage Manager:
Kathleen Wilkinson*

Scenic Designer:
Tramaine Berryhill

Lighting Designer:
Aneil Rampersad*

Sound Designer:
Casey Deiter

Costume Designer:
Leyandra Cardoza*

*Theatre UCF student


UNDINE: Janiece Deveaux*
FLOW/ENSEMBLE: Lynford Martin Parries*
MOTHER/ENSEMBLE: Maya Senecharles*

* Theatre UCF student

STEPHIE/ENSEMBLE: Athena Jean-Étienne*
'Fabulation' cast headshots
'Fabulation' cast headshots
'Fabulation' cast headshots
'Fabulation' cast headshots


Assistant Stage Managers: Magdalena Tronina*, Rami Amm*
Assistant Director: Julia Veiga*
Dramaturg: Domenika Moncayo*
Choreographer: Gerald Kitt*
Assistant Sound Designer and QLab Operator: Kaitlyn Gamory*
Assistant Scenic Designer: Raylen Farries*
Paint Charge: Leslie MacMillan*
Assistant Paint Charge: Sophia Debora*
Props Manager: Audrey Casteris*
Assistant Props Manager: Hailey Osborn*
Programmer: Stevie Bleich*
Production Electrician: Sam Cutshall*
Assistant Production Electrician: Ally Reichard*
Light Board Operator: Maddie Yale*
Draper: Auzsa Carberry-Walters*
Wardrobe/Deck Crew: Peyton DeWitt*, Megan Dever*, Abbi Sachs*, Andres Zayas*, Jacob Jones*
Production Assistant: Bridgett Rojas*

* Theatre UCF student

Janiece Deveaux (Undine) is a junior in the BFA Musical Theatre program with a Dance minor. She has been seen in Theatre UCF productions including: Welcome to the Moon (Love, Monster), Scaramouch in Naxos (Ariadne), How to Catch Creation (Riley) and A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder (Swing). Her other credits include: Aida (Nehebka/Understudy Aida), The Bodyguard (Female Ensemble/Understudy Nicki Marron) and Godspell (Self). @janiece.d07

Ciara Elliott (Grandma/Ensemble) is a junior in the BFA Acting program. This is her Theatre UCF debut. She has been seen in the film Surviving the Storm (Trisha Kingsbury). Other theatre credits include Aida (Nubian Slave) and The Soul of a Woman (Vocalist). She plans to pursue acting and musical theatre after graduation. @missciara_elliott

Joshua Houvouras (Accountant/Ensemble) is a senior BFA Musical Theatre major and Sociology minor. Select previous Theatre UCF credits include Welcome to the Moon (Cowboy), Songs of Inspiration (Soloist), and It’s a Small World (or The Robot Play) (Billy/John). Other favorite credits include Black Flag (Harry) at Mad Cow Theatre and Forbidden Frontier: Adventure Island (Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey) at Cedar Point.

Athena Jean-Étienne (Stephie/Ensemble) is a senior in the BFA Musical Theatre program. She has been seen on the Theatre UCF stage in Much Ado About Nothing (Beatrice), Blood at the Root (Raylynn), A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (Ensemble) and Titanic (Ensemble/Understudy Caroline Neville). Some of her favorite theatre credits include Sweeney Todd (Mrs. Lovett), Clybourne Park (Francine/Lena) and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Esmerelda).

Timothy Jones II (Father/Ensemble) is a senior in the BFA Acting program at UCF. He has narrated for the plays GTFOH! and What’s Best For the Children at the Orlando Shakes last year for their PLAYfest 2021. His Theatre UCF credits include Scaramouch in Naxos (Glaucus), How To Catch Creation (Griffin) and To Saints and Stars (Ken). Outside of UCF, Tim is also a martial artist and has his third-degree black belt in Taekwondo. @tj2_awesome

Lucas Laguer (Ensemble/Understudy) is a junior in the BFA Acting program. His Theatre UCF credits include Welcome to the Moon and Oher One Acts (Jim), the TYA production of The Grumpiest Boy in the World (Scientist 2), the virtual performance of Kill Move Paradise (Tiny) and Water by the Spoonful (Ghost/Aman/Understudy Police Officer). His other production credits include The Crucible (Proctor), The Curious Savage (Hannibal) and Rumors (Ken Gorman)., @_lukieboo_

Lynford Martin Parries (Flow/Ensemble) is a third-year transfer student in the BFA Musical Theatre program. He has performed for many of the local theme parks in shows such as Festival of the Lion King, Oh Wondrous Night and Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue. This is his debut on the Theatre UCF stage.

Jordan Perez (Hervé/Guy/Ensemble) is a first-year transfer student in the theatre pending program. This is his Theatre UCF debut. He plans to pursue television and film acting after graduation. @itsjordanperez

Maya Senecharles (Mother/Ensemble) is a sophomore in the B.A. Sociology program. This is her Theatre UCF debut. Her favorite credits include Into the Woods (The Baker’s Wife) and All Shook Up (Sylvia). Over her summers, she assists in teaching young performers. @may.aashl

Jaya Wilson (Ensemble/Understudy) is a freshman in the B.A. Advertising/Public Relations program. This is her first Theatre UCF production. Some of her favorite theatre credits include Footloose (Rusty), Puberty the Musical (Joe), Beauty and the Beast (Silly Girl/Ensemble) and Mamma Mia! (Ensemble). She is also involved in Project Spotlight. @itsjayawilson

Rami Amm (Assistant Stage Manager) is a second-year student in the BFA Stage Management program. His previous TheatreUCF credits include The Wolves (Assistant Stage Manager) and The Grumpiest Boy In The World (Production Assistant.).

Stevie Bleich (Programmer) is a third-year student in the BFA Design and Technology program. Previous Theatre UCF credits include Welcome to the Moon (Production Electrician, Programmer), As It’s Written (Lighting Designer) and Songs of Inspiration (Co-Lighting Designer). Other credits include Bohemian Heat Repertory Concert (Programmer) and Romeo and Juliet Ballet (Programmer).

Leyandra Cardoza (Costume Designer) is a third-year transfer student in the BFA Design and Technology program. Her previous Theatre UCF credits are Urinetown (Draper), Scaramouch in Naxos (Assistant Costume Designer), Pegasus PlayLab’s Sombra del Sol (Stitcher, Wardrobe Crew), Pegasus PlayLab’s The Amphibians (Costume Design Response) and Indecent (Stitcher). She has a Fashion Design AAS from the Fashion Institute of Technology. @leyandra_c

Raylen Farries (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a second-year transfer student in the BA Theatre Program with a focus in Scenic Design and Front of House Operations. Previous Theatre UCF credits include Sombre Del Sol (Scenic Crew), Welcome to the Moon and other One Acts (Assistant Props Manger), and Indecent (House Manager).

Kaitlyn Gamory (Assistant Sound Designer) is a second-year student in the BFA Design and Technology program. Previous Theatre UCF credits include First Date (A2), To Saints and Stars (Sound Designer), The Amphibians (Sound Designer) and the Knights’ Ghostlight Podcast.

Aneil Rampersad (Lighting Designer) is a senior in the BFA Design and Technology program. Credits include Holiday Inn (A2), #GodHatesYou (Master Carpenter), Water by the Spoonful (Assistant Master Electrician) and El Wiz (Lighting Designer). He has also worked as a general backstage technician/fly operator for traveling shows such as Caravan of Stars, Plague Tales and Simply Streisand. After graduation, he is excited to start his career in Atlanta in the film industry, with plans afterward to study in Berlin.

Bridgett Rojas (Production Assistant) is in her first year of the BFA Stage Management program. Bridgett was the Production Assistant for the Fall 2021 Orlando Repertory Theatre’s Youth Academy: Magic Treehouse: A Ghost Tale for Mr. Dickens Jr. Other stage management credits include Art at the Funky Dog Playhouse.  @_xxbridgettxx_

Magdalena Tronina (Assistant Stage Manager) is a junior in the BFA Stage Management program. Her previous Theatre UCF credits include First Date (Programmer), The Grumpiest Boy in the World (Assistant Stage Manager), Knight of Dance 2021 (Programmer), The Rover (Light Board Operator) and the 2020 Dance Concert (Production Assistant).

Kathleen Wilkinson (Stage Manager) is a senior in the BFA Stage Management program. Her Theatre UCF credits include The Wolves (Assistant Stage Manager), To Saints and Stars (Stage Manager), A Knight of Dance 2021 (Assistant Stage Manager) and Urinetown (Production Assistant). In the fall, Kathleen stage managed Static Space as a part of PlayFest 2021 at the Orlando Shakes. She has also worked with Project Spotlight on the virtual production of T19-EC (Stage Manager). Some other favorite stage management credits include Footloose and Camelot.


After Lynn Nottage’s Fabulation, Or the Re-Education of Undine

What is a Fabulation?

It’s a pain in the nape of my neck,

drumming through Beats:

bum ba-ba bum ba-ba

We gonna start jumping

two ropes, keep it up

don’t trip, it’s basic

double dutch

step step

step step step

listen to my feet.

Pitter pitter patter patter

Sling slang sling slang slung

the jump ropes move

one right after the other.

Gathering speed to dig

a past from fourteen years ago

buried under ash and ember.

This teak desk bears fruits of my labor,

flesh thin ready to burst

on the feel of a touch, a drag of a nail.

It will reveal a pit—rock hard—

unwilling to budge,

lodged in my throat

and none will have the pleasure of tasting

my fruit that surrounds. Bitter. Sweet.

How will it taste?

The Beats slowly takes control of my limbs,

moving me left to right to left to right

drudging down a path

littered in recycled

holiday cards and crossword

hints: The creators of you.

What the father of your niece is to you?

Two generations from you.


What is a Fabulation, really?

You feelin’ it yet? That Brooklyn

noise. From Fort Greene

to Brighton Beach

it floods the streets

with Beats singing

you know very well

who you are

don’t let ‘em hold you down.

It’s a journey.

It’s ghetto-fabulous.

It’s magical realism.

I need to know what it means!

“A fabulation takes time,”

I need more than that.

I want I want I want

What do I want?

– Domenika Moncayo, Dramaturg


Director of the School of Performing Arts: Michael Wainstein
Theatre UCF Artistic Director: Julia Listengarten
Theatre UCF Director of Production: Bert Scott

Faculty Dramaturg/Advisor: Chloe Edmonson
Assistant Dramaturgy Coordinator: Joni Newman*
Faculty Stage Management Advisor: Claudia Lynch
Faculty Advisor/Dialect Coach: Vivian Majkowski
Production Manager: Gary Brown
Box Office Manager: Bridget Parry
Technical Director: Tramaine Berryhill
Production Electrician: Beth McAshan
Faculty Fight Director: David Reed
Assistant Technical Director: Michael Waldron
Sound Designer/Advisor: Casey Deiter
Costume Workroom Supervisor: Allison Rexrode
Marketing Director: Jessica Compton
Assistant Marketing Director: Nicole Wills
Faculty Lighting Design Advisor: Rob Siler

* Theatre UCF student


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