By William Shakespeare
Directed by Vivian Majkowski

What better way to celebrate Orlando than by joining us for this play? One of Shakespeare’s more niche comedies, this love tale features all the best the Bard created in his glorious career.

When Rosalind is banished from the increasingly dangerous court of her usurping uncle, she and her cousin, Celia, flee to the Forest of Arden with the court jester in tow only to discover a myriad of memorable characters inside a classic Shakespearean plot featuring melodic songs, beautiful poetry and comedic situations. Will Rosalind and Orlando declare their love? Will Sylvius stop pining for the girl who scorns him? Will Touchstone win Audrey away from William? Will Celia find anyone? As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s timeless comedies where “All the World’s a Stage” and love is manifested in its glorious forms.

Join us for a talkback on Sunday, Nov. 13 directly following the performance in the Black Box Theatre.

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Performance Schedule

  • Saturday, November 12, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Sunday, November 13, 2022, 2:00  p.m.
  • Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Thursday, November 17, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Friday, November 18, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Saturday, November 19, 2022, 2:00  p.m.
  • Saturday, November 19, 2022, 7:30  p.m.
  • Sunday, November 20, 2022, 2:00  p.m.
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Vivian Majkowski

Scenic Designer:
Raylen Farries*

Lighting Designer:
Richard McWhorter*

Sound Designers:
Casey Deiter, Erica Fox*

Costume Designer:
Auzsa Carberry-Walters*

Hair & Makeup Designer:
Katherine Polgar*

Stage Manager:
Rami Amm*

*Theatre UCF student


ROSALIND: Paige Mason*
ORLANDO: Tyler Stevens*
CELIA: Raven Lawrence*
JACQUES, U/S ORLANDO: Seth Thornton*
OLIVER, U/S JACQUES: James Duncan*
TOUCHSTONE: Gavin White*
CHARLES, SILVIUS: Andres Procel*
LEBEAU, AUDREY: Chloe Baker*
ADAM, MARTEXT, U/S CORIN, U/S COURT LORD: Christopher Poulios*
PHOEBE, DENNIS: Angeline Dimoglou*
AMIENS, HYMEN: Joyce Perez*
FORESTER, U/S ROSALIND: Liliana Jacobson*
FORESTER, U/S CELIA: Ana Gomez-Lugo*
FORESTER, U/S LEBEAU, U/S AUDREY: Sabrina Henson-Matheny*

*Theatre UCF Student

'As You Like It' cast headshots
'As You Like It' cast headshots
'As You Like It' cast headshots
'As You Like It' cast headshots
'As You Like It' cast headshots
'As You Like It' cast headshots
'As You Like It' cast headshots


GUITAR: Tyler Stevens*, Joyce Perez*, Ana Gomez-Lugo*
VIOLA: Gage Huff*
VIOLIN: Sabrina Henson-Matheny*
UKULELE: Gabriella Smith*, Brooke DeBeer*
PERCUSSION: Liliana Jacobson*, Billy Banks III*
TRUMPET: Seamus Lea Dougherty*
CONCERTINA: Christopher Poulios*
WINDCHIMES: Teddy Groleau*

*Theatre UCF Student


Assistant Stage Managers: Jen Balestra*, Naiya Barsallo*, Teddy Groleau*
Assistant Directors: Catherine Patrizia*, Christian Anderson*
Dramaturg: Jake Haugland*
Assistant Voice and Text Coach: Catherine Patrizia*
Choreographer of Yes Sir, That’s My Baby: Brooke DeBeer*
Fight Choreographer: Andres Procel*
Music Consultant: Terry Thomas
Music Coordinators: Joyce Perez*, Seamus Lea Dougherty*
Intimacy Consultant: Elizabeth Smith Cortelyou*
Magic Consultant: Cory Sweat*
Props Manager: Sophia Debora*
Props Artisan: Reme Elias*
Lead Carpenter: David Jackson*
Assistant Paint Charge: Sonya Smith-Tembe*
Production Electrician: Adam Laws*
Assistant Production Electrician: Marina England*
Lighting Programmers: Ayana Yokie*, Bianca Antonetty*, Kayla Amburgey*, Taylor Bray*, Toni Ghirardo*
Light Board Operator: Woodrow Jackson Helms*
Qlab Operator: Addison Wood*
Drapers: Karina Rodriguez-Toledo*, Leyandra Cardoza*
Stitcher: Morgan Barkhurst*
Wardrobe Supervisor: Jordan Simon*
Wardrobe/Laundry: Paige Wallace*, Alfredo Hued*, Aubree Williams*
Deck Crew: Madison Yale*

Director of the School of Performing Arts: Michael Wainstein
Theatre UCF Artistic Director: Julia Listengarten
Interim Artistic Director: Christopher Niess
Theatre UCF Director of Production: Bert Scott
Faculty Scenic/Lighting Advisor: Bert Scott
Faculty Costume Advisor: Huaixiang Tan
Faculty Stage Management Advisor: Claudia Lynch
Faculty Fight Advisor: David Reed
Faculty Dramaturg/Advisor: Chloe Edmonson
Production Manager: Gary Brown
Technical Director: Tramaine Berryhill
Assistant Technical Director: Thomas Taylor
Costume Shop Manager: Allison Rexrode
Costume Workroom Supervisor: Amanda Roberts
Production Electrician: Beth McAshan
Production Sound: Casey Deiter
Marketing Director: Jessica Compton
Box Office Manager: Bridget Parry
Assistant Box Office Manager: Austen Martin
Assistant Marketing Director: Morganne Flood


House Manager for As You Like It: Danilo Gonzalez-Castano*
Ushers: Emily Nardoni*, Matthew Beaton*, Madilynn Crown*, Ella Zarilli*, Alan Barrett*, Ali Macaulay*, Matthew Zenon*, Amy Cote*, Sanju Ebanks*, Christian Polastry*
Box Office: Raylen Farries* , Dunstan Ashe*, Camila Bravo Rivera*, Anastasia Landron* , Alexa Boese*, Isabella Fedele*, Jillian Capps*, Tanner Fenton*, Briana Cotton*, Erin Greening*, Madeline Wolfe*, Lily McKenna*, Mariah McKinley*, Kyle Machande*, Alyssa Antrim*, Tyler Simons*, Kaitlyn Read*, Izzy Ellis*, Seamus Dougherty*, Joyce Perez Brito*, Ella Zarilli*


Electrics Shop: Stevie Bleich*, Audrey Casteris*, Sam Cutshall*, Adam Laws*, Helen Strickland*, Alyssa Vincent*, Gabriel Ramos de Castro*, Griffin Greene*, Hailey Marquez*, Jonathan Joseph*, Kirstin Ritch*, Nicholas Rossi*, Reese Vache*, Marina England*
Scene Shop: Nicolas Zamora*, Pedro Bollilo*, Rachel Burnes*, Jaden Doig*, Derrick Oleson*, Angeline Dimoglou*, Kenneth Salazar*, Roma Zizza*, Katherine Cinquino*, Stephen Romero*, Alex Russell*, Isabella Urbaerz* Leslie MacMillan*, Syd Dienes*, David Jackson*, Rosalind Krabill*, Joseph Trewin*
Sound Shop: Kaitlyn Gamory*, Lance LaBonte*, Marcello Ferrer*
Costume Shop: Karina Rodriguez-Toledo*, Katherine Polgar*, Kacie Bailey*, Leyandra Cardoza*, Aidan McDonnell*, Janiece Deveaux*, Caleb Jones*, Peyton DeWitt*, Analucia Raimont*, Leanna Harting*, Sidnie Kikta*, Isa Jones*, Margaret Lindsay*, Grace Casanova*, Maya Carp*, Atty Laleh*, Chaz McCartney*, Auzsa Carberry-Walters*

*Theatre UCF Student

Chloe Baker (LeBeau, Audrey) is a freshman in the BFA Musical Theatre program. This is her Theatre UCF debut. Some of her other theatre credits include Company (Amy) and Something Rotten! (Portia).

Billy Banks (Forester, Percussion, U/S Duke Frederick, U/S Duke Senior, U/S Silvius) Is a first-year BFA Acting major. His Theatre UCF credits include Indecent (U/S Avrum). Other theatre credits include Footloose (Ren), Once on This Island (Agwe), Midsummer's Night Dream (Philostrate). He is also involved with UCF Improv Academy and has also done work with Project Spotlight.

Brooke DeBeer (Forester, Ukulele, U/S Amiens, U/SHymen, Choreographer of Yes Sir, That’s My Baby,) is a sophomore in the BS Business Administration program with a focus in Marketing. She is credited as Wardrobe for Theatre UCF’s Shrek the Musical at the Walt Disney Theater. Brooke also recently performed Chicago (Liz) at the Dr.Phillips Center. She also owns her own small business, Thrift Kween, in which she sells upcycled and recycled clothing (@thrift__kween and

Angeline Dimoglou (Phoebe, Dennis) is a sophomore in the B.A. Theatre studies program. This is her first production at UCF. She has previously been seen in Little Women (Amy), Othello (Desdemona), as well as in Urinetown (Hope).

Seamus Dougherty (Forester, Trumpet, U/S Adam, U/S Martext, U/S William, U/S Jake) is a senior in the BFA Musical Theatre program. He has been seen in Theatre UCF’s productions of Shrek the Musical (Peter Pan) and Scaramouch in Naxos (Glaucus). Other theatre credits include Grand Hotel (Erik) at Santa Fe College, Project Spotlight’s Loving Passion (Agent/ Male Understudy), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Hermey) and Kinky Boots (ensemble) at Titusville Playhouse. He also works seasonally as a photographer at a dolphin research facility in Key Largo. @seamusdougherty

James Duncan (Oliver, U/S Jacques) is a 19-year-old actor from Ponte Vedra, Florida. Recent theatre credits include, An Apology (Ben) and As It's Written (Jordan). Other credits include High School Musical (Troy) and Chicago (Billy).

Ana Gomez-Lugo (Forester, Guitar, U/S Celia) is a second year in the Theatre B.A program. She has been acting for four years and is so happy to be making her Theatre UCF debut! Ana has been in shows such as Steel Magnolias (Anelle) and The Drowsy Chaperone (Kitty).

Sabrina Henson-Matheny (Forester, Violin, U/S LeBeau, U/S Audrey) is a first year in the BFA Acting program. Her previous Theatre UCF credits include The Wolves (U/S #46) . Other previous performances include Little Women (Beth) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Puck).

Gage Huff (Corin, Court Lord, Viola, U/S Olivier, U/S Charles,) is a freshman in the Journalism pending program and this is his Theatre UCF debut. Previous theatre credits include Mamma Mia! (Sam Carmichael) and The Crucible (John Proctor).

Lili Jacobson (Percussion, U/S Rosalind,) is a first year transfer student and in the Theatre Pending Program in hopes of entering the BFA Acting Program. Lili is also pursuing a minor in film. This is her first production at UCF.

Raven Lawrence (Celia) is a senior in the BFA Acting program. Since attending UCF, she was cast in the zoom production of Blood at The Root (U/S Raylynn) and in the student-led productions of The Crucible (Tituba). Other theatre credits include Aida (Aida) and Into The Woods (The Witch). Outside of school, Raven is music director for UCF’s award winning all female a cappella group called KeyHarmony.

Paige Mason (Rosalind) is a first-year in the MFA Acting program. International Tour: The Wizard of Oz (Wicked Witch). Regional: The King and I (Anna), Thoroughly Modern Millie (Millie), Shrek: The Musical (Fiona), Steel Magnolias (Shelby). @paigeliza.beth

Paul Pelletier (Duke Frederick, Duke Senior, Fight Captain) is a fourth-year in the BFA Acting program. He has previously been seen in Theatre UCF’s Shrek the Musical (White Rabbit) and Indecent (Ensemble). His credits outside UCF include Breakthrough Theatre Co.’s Little Women the Musical (Laurie) and Good Vibes Theatre Co.’s production of RENT (Ensemble). Paul loves the stage, and the connections and friends it brings with it.

Jake Perez (William, Jake, U/S Touchstone) is a first year theatre pending student. This is his first UCF production. He was last seen in ThinkTank Theatre’s Exhibits in the Zoo (Mendel). Previous credits include Snoopy (Woodstock), All the Great Books Abridged (Student Helper), The Crucible (Hale) and Catch Me if you Can (Hanratty).

Joyce Perez (Amiens, Hymen, Guitar) is a second-year transfer BFA Acting student. Her 4.0 GPA demonstrates her academic excellence and level of determination. She recently appeared on the Original Netflix Series Stranger Things Season 4. Prior experience includes AIDA by Elton John and Tim Rice and short films such as Me, Myself & I and One Minute of Fame.

Christopher Poulios (Adam, Martext, Concertina, U/S Corin, U/S Court Lord) is a freshman in the Environmental Studies program. This is his Theatre UCF debut. Other credits include Tick, Tick…Boom! (Jon), Be More Chill (Jake) and A Chorus Line (Al).

Andres Procel (Charles, Silvius, Fight Coordinator) is a third-year transfer in the BFA Acting program. Prior Theatre UCF credits include Welcome to The Moon (Vinnie, Brother, Soldier, Figure, Postman), Scaramouch in Naxos (Sarmion), Much Ado About Nothing (Conrade), The Rover (Officer/ Masquerader) Blood at the Root (U/S Colin), SWEAT (U/S Stan). See more from him at

Gabriella Smith (Ukulele, U/S Phoebe, U/S Dennis) is a first-year Mechanical Engineering and B.A. Theatre Studies student. This is Gabriella’s Theatre UCF debut. Previous credits include Romeo and Juliet (Lord Capulet) and Beauty and the Beast (Mrs. Potts). She has also been Stage Manager at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s Goldner Conservatory.

Tyler Stevens (Orlando, Guitar) is a first-year MFA Acting candidate. He graduated from VCU with a BFA in Theatre Performance in 2016. He was last seen in Cadence Theatre’s production of Everybody (Somebody/Everybody). Some of his notable roles include Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Rosencrantz), TheatreLab’s Admissions (Charlie), VaRep’s Broadway Bound and Brighton Beach Memoirs (Eugene) and Cadence Theatre’s production of Rabbit Hole (Jason) which earned him an RTCC Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Seth Thornton (Jacques, U/S Orlando) is a second-year transfer in the BFA Acting program. Prior theatre credits include See Rock City (Raleigh) and 12 Angry Jurors (Juror #8). Seth is also an avid chess player.

Gavin White (Touchstone) is a second-year transfer in the BFA Acting program. He is very excited to make his UCF Theatre debut. He also worked Universal Orlando Resort's Halloween Horror Nights, where he portrayed the role of Beetlejuice. gavino_white_

Rami Amm (Stage Manager) is a third year transfer in the BFA Stage Management program. He has previously worked on the Theatre UCF productions of The Grumpiest Boy in the World 2021 (Production Assistant), The Wolves 2021 (Assistant Stage Manager), Fabulation 2022 (Assistant Stage Manager and UCF Celebrates the Arts 2022 (Stage Manager).

Jen Balestra (Assistant Stage Manager) is a third year in the BFA Stage Management program. She has previously worked on the Theatre UCF productions of UCF Celebrates the Arts 2021 & 2022 (Stage Manager), Sombra del Sol (Assistant Stage Manager), First Date (Assistant Stage Manager), and Writes of Spring 2022 (Assistant Stage Manager).

Naiya Barsallo (Assistant Stage Manager) is a second year transfer in the BFA Stage Management program. She has previously worked on the Theatre UCF productions of UCF Celebrates the Arts 2021 & 2022 (Stage Manager) and Indecent 2022 (Production Assistant).

Sophia Debora (Props Manager) is a junior in the BFA Design and Tech program. She has previously worked on Theatre UCF’s Sombre Del Sol (Scene Shop), Welcome to the Moon (Scene Shop), Fabulation, or Reeducation of Undine (Scenic Painter) and Shrek The Musical (Scenic Painter).

Raylen Farries (Scenic Designer) is a senior in the B.A.Theatre Studies program with a focus in Scenic Design and Front of House Operations. Previous Theatre UCF credits include Sombre Del Sol (Scenic Crew), Welcome to the Moon (Props Artisan), Indecent (House Manager) and Fabulation, or the Re-Education of Undine (Assistant Scenic Designer). She has also written and assistant directed plays with Project Spotlight.

Erica Fox (Co-Sound Designer, QLab Operator) is a Junior in the BFA Theatre Design & Technology program. She has been involved with Theatre UCF in Knights’ Ghostlight Podcast (Stud. Asst. Sound Designer), Dear Helena (Sound Designer), The Wolves (Asst. Sound Designer) and Shrek: The Musical (A2). She is involved in Project Spotlight (Sound Designer) and As Its Written at Penguin Point (Sound Designer). @efox_theatre

Teddy Groleau (Assistant Stage Manager, Windchimes) Teddy is a second-year in the BFA Stage Management program. He has previously worked on Theatre UCF's Pegasus Playlab production of Race to Infinity (Assistant Stage Manager), Writes of Spring 2022 (Production Assistant) and Project Spotlight's Poltergeist (Stage Manager). Favorite outside credits include Tuck Everlasting (Stage Manager), Little Women (Stage Manager) and Something Rotten! (Spot Op). @groleau_sm

Jake Haugland (Dramaturg) Theatre credits include Into the Woods (Steward), The Bridges of Madison County (Chorus/Ensemble), and Disaster! (Chef/Ensemble), and most recently in Project Spotlight's Manor of Death (U/S The Hunter/Collector). Jake has also been involved in UCF student short films including The Grin (Petitioner) and He's on His Way (Tyler).

Woodrow Jackson Helms (Light Board Operator) is a senior in the BFA Musical Theatre program. UCF credits include First Date (Aaron), Working (Frank Decker), Blood at the Root (Colin) and A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder (Inspector Pinkney).

Catherine Patrizia (Assistant Director, Assistant Text and Voice Coach) is a senior in the BFA Acting program. Theatre credits include The Crucible (Elizabeth Proctor), Mojada (Armida) and Scaramouche in Naxos (Bacchante). @catherinepatrizia_

Jordan Simon (Wardrobe Head) is a senior in the BFA Stage Management program. Her Theatre UCF credits include The Amphibians (Stage Manager), Much Ado About Nothing (Assistant Stage Manager) and Songs of Inspiration: A Musical Revue (Assistant Stage Manager). Other credits include Pirates of Penzance (Assistant Stage Manager) and Mrs. Mannerly (Assistant Stage Manager).

Paige Wallace (Wardrobe Crew) is a third-year transfer from Indian River State College. This is her first year at UCF and she is currently a Theatre Pending student. Her outside theatre credits include The Uninvited (Stella Meredith), Into the Woods (narrator) and A Midsummer Night's Dream (Puck).

Aubree Ann Williams (Wardrobe Crew) is a senior in the BFA Acting program. Her past Theatre UCF credits include The Interference (Karen Henshaw), Scaramouche in Naxos (Ariadne) and Sweat (Radio Voice). She was also a Mardi Gras parade performer at Universal Studios Orlando this past spring.

Addison Wood (Qlab Operator) is a freshman in the BFA Stage Management program. Some of her previous credits include The Forever Quest (Assistant Stage Manager) at Cry Havoc Theatre Company as well as Director’s Assistant at the Dallas International Film Festival. 

Written in 1599, As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s most poignant plays, at least from a modern perspective. This play, much like other Shakespeare plays, uses the characters’ relationships to its advantage, telling a story that subverts audiences’ expectations of gender, sexuality, and love. As You Like It was written at a turning point in Shakespeare’s career, where he had been writing romantic comedies and historical plays like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry IV, and The Comedy of Errors, but his style and comedy began to change in 1599. Many of Shakespeare’s comedies include things like mistaken identity and/or misconceptions, the fantastical, idyllic settings, and happy endings, some of which are a part of As You Like It.

Coming into the theatrical space, the audience should understand the director’s vision for the show. We wanted to set the envious court as a fascist dictatorship, similar to that of the growing fascist countries in 1930s Europe. During this period, governmental powers like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, or Francisco Franco took over Europe and expanded their terrible ideas and murderous behaviors. While many of the characters in As You Like It are under a similar duress from the envious court, we see love, magic, and hope flourish. There are many lessons to be learned from this play.

One of the biggest lessons to be learned by many of the characters is simple living. Pastoral life and country living are big parts of As You Like It, and the Forest of Arden is filled with a wide array of environments in nature. Everything from dense jungle, to plains for sheep and rocky terrain for goats, there are environments for any type of simple pastoral living. Like those living the pastoral life, we challenge you to see the messages of hope and love and living simply, and take that with you. Thank you, and please enjoy all the work we have out into this production of As You Like It.


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