February 24, 2015

On February 22, 2015, two Women’s Studies faculty affiliates were awarded this year’s LIFE at UCF Awards by the Center for the Success of Women Faculty. Winners included Meredith Tweed and Christine Hanlon, as well as two other members of UCF faculty.
Meredith Tweed is a Women’s Studies instructor and YWLP Coordinator and Christine Hanlon is a faculty member of the Nicholson School of Communication.
LIFE at UCF annually provides Grants and Awards to various UCF departments, faculty, and students. The purpose and intent of the Grants and Awards Program is to provide basic funding for UCF departments to enhance education and learning opportunities.
Photo caption (from left to right): Linda Walters, Lisa Mills, Lisa Roney, Christine Hanlon, Meredith Tweed, Diane Chase.