July 9, 2019

Congratulations are in order for Texts & Technology Ph.D graduate Wendy Givoglu, who was recently appointed to serve as the Interim Campus President for two of Valencia College’s campuses. The position will last through the upcoming school year, with the opportunity to apply for the permanent position in early 2020.

With 21 years of experience at Valencia College, a proven commitment to advancing Valencia’s mission, deep connections to the Central Florida community and an educational background that includes a doctorate degree in texts and technology, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in humanities, Givoglu embodies new opportunity and renewed leadership. She also, however, plans to continue the legacy of former East and Winter Park Campus President Stacey Johnson’s leadership, sustaining and building on a foundation rooted in empowerment, strategic planning, interdisciplinary development and the perfect blend of compassion and tenacity Dr. Johnson will be remembered for.

Givoglu credits the Ph.D. program and faculty mentor, J.D. Applen, with helping guide her to success. “I owe it to Applen and his guidance throughout my doctoral journey,” she comments. “The simple fact is that I would not have been in the running for this career move without the completion of my Ph.D.”

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