July 19, 2020
Covid 19:Cognitive Dissonance by cecilia suhr, video art

The UCF-hosted multimedia exhibition (un)continuity opened this week virtually, a sign of the times in Florida when COVID-19 cases continue to surge and our phased reopening is paused.

Originally intended as a gallery exhibit as part of UCF’s Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Festival along with a host of workshops and performances, (un)continuity has shifted to the virtual realm. The transition from four walls to pixels and personal screens is, of course, a necessity, but this added layer of physical remove and private experience adds an air of poignancy to the entire exhibition.

(Featured Artwork Image: COVID 19: Cognitive Dissonance by Cecilia Suhr, video art.)

Curated by Shannon Lindsey, Ha’ani Hogan and Anastasia Salter and featuring artists from around the world, (un)continuity showcases pieces that “explore representation and presentation; play along spectra of light, sound, and probe the visible-invisible; and embrace unity and discord.”

The 57 works featured in (un)continuity are interactive and absorbing, sure to engage even the most ardent doom-scroller. Poetry, animation and video art comfortably co-exist with games, interactive works and virtual reality.

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