February 14, 2023
A photo of the students that attended KCACTF.

Every year, The Kennedy Center hosts the American College Theater Festival for 18,000 students from colleges and universities across the country.

The KCACTF Region 4, which represents Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, US Virgin Islands, and Virginia, held their festival February 7-11. Several UCF students attended the festival to represent Theatre UCF and were named winners for the Design and Tech category.

An image of Erica Fox, Leyandra Cardoza, Audrey Casteris and Stevie Bleich.
Erica Fox, Leyandra Cardoza, Audrey Casteris and Stevie Bleich pose at the KCACTF Festival.

Audrey Casteris, The Interference, Regional 1st Place in Scenic Design

Stevie Bleich, Working, Region 4 National Award in Lighting Design and Region 4 Design/Tech Student Choice Award

Leyandra Cardoza, Fabulation, Regional 1st Place in Costume Design

Erica Fox, As You Like It, Region 4 National Award in Sound Design

B Antonetty, Shrek the Musical, Region 4 Recognition of Achievement in Stage Management

Several other students received awards for their playwriting, directing and performances.

Mia Woods receives an award at the KCACTF Festival.
Mia Woods receives an award at the KCACTF Festival.

Mia Woods, Outstanding Performance in a Ten-Minute Play

Tyler Simons, Best Director of a Ten-Minute Play Award, The Blow Off

Caroline Hull, Special Recognition for Scholarly Engagement, Citizen Artist Award, and Excellence in Playwriting in the Short Form for Foul Lines


Five UCF Stage Managers moved on to be finalists for the Stage Management category.

Elana Treiser, Shrek the Musical

B Antonetty, Shrek the Musical

Cassandra McKay, Working

Taylor Bray, Working

Delayna Wahlberg, The Interference

Congratulations to these students for the recognition of their work!