December 18, 2014

A team of UCF students will compete in Leap Motion’s 3D Jam. 3D Jam is a six-week global competition for developers to build innovative experiences for desktop, virtual reality, and more.

Six Digital Media majors in the School of Visual Arts & Design developed “Hollow,” a horror hayride adapted from the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” “Hollow” invites users to immerse themselves with Oculus VR and grip the reins with Leap Motion integration.

Brandon Austin, David Berry, Jeremy Boggs, Justin Gist, Kory Lauver, and Christina Parker will compete with international game developers for a chance to showcase their game at 2015 Indiecade East this February.

Indiecade, a promoter and cultivator of interactive media, and Leap Motion will be giving away more than $75,000 in prizes, including $30,000 cash, the opportunity to showcase at IndieCade events in 2015, a visit to Leap Motion HQ, and more. Over 150 developers from more than 40 countries will compete. Finalists will be announced on December 20.

According to David Berry, “The GameDev Knights supported us from beginning to end. They invited us to the 2014 Indienomicon Expo, showcased “Hollow” at social events and surrounded our team with support, encouragement and user testing. We are so appreciative to the club and hope to make them proud! Go Knights!”

For more information about “Hollow,” visit the game website.

For more information on IndiCade visit,