August 26, 2015

This summer, members of the UCF Marching Knights went through vigorous training to be physically ready for the season while braving the scorching heat, even training during a downpour. There’s nothing that can stop the UCF Marching Knights from performing at the first half-time show of the season on September 3.

If there is one thing this team has, it’s determination. Battling the elements is commonplace and continuing to march with an injury is not uncommon. It’s a battle of mind and body for the accomplishment and adrenaline that comes with thousands of eyes watching them march during the half-time show and the possibility of playing at a bowl game, the team’s success willing.

When these students are training in their 12-hour practices or marching in a half-time show, everything from the food they eat to the things they participate in revolve around the marching band. The work ethic of these students can undoubtedly be described as intense and passionate. Even so, most of these students study psychology or engineering. With the pressure for Florida’s public universities to produce more STEM graduates, only a few band members remain devoted music majors. The trend is so dramatic that last year UCF only awarded 50 music bachelor’s degrees in stark comparison to the 2,053 bachelor’s degrees awarded in science, technology, engineering and math.

Yet, these students, whether they are music majors or not, put their mind, heart, soul and body into these performances. The eyes of UCF and it’s rivals will be on them as they show the world what knights are made of.

You can read more about the determination of the UCF Marching Knights at the original article from the Orlando Sentinel.